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I have never understood history
Mean teachers. Heavy Books.
The principal brought me into his office. I was a bad student for a day. I spent my time there in awkward silence as the principle took me through the actions today.
School was a blur, I wish it were more fun. First Period: I stepped in gum. squish, squash. Second Period: My brain on overload: numb. zzzt, peeeww.
BOOM!  The moment you've been waiting for, maybe not but whether you're ready you must show what you got do what you can while your fingers are hot truth is, you know a whole lot
  here I’m insane there I’m even more insane because I could be sane which is strange because  I usually can’t be sane while surrounded by too many people
Textbooks are scattered on the floor. 3 a.m. I should get sleep. Sleep will clear the fogged mind. Luke warm coffee stains mugs and teeth. Money problems always linger in the distance.
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