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I wonder what my old bedroom looks like now those empty nights where my breathing no longer exists  will the trees notice there isn't a window to push their breeze in my dog wondering the halls wondering why its silent
i’m supposed to be doing homework,  but how can i focus on vectors when i’m picturing you on the edge, fire out of your control and closing in?   will i be enough for you
In the dead of night I close my eyes But cannot keep these thoughts outside I hear it scratching at my door And moaning from beneath the floor  
Homework really sucks I hate it more than blue cheese I really hate school
Homework will you go away, I’ll visit you another day.   I am not seen, I am not heard, You consume my time, this is absurd!  
It's all  so much So  much to do so many  expectations so many priorities So many people  demanding demanding  demanding
Dear High School, I wish that trying hard was enough to please you. I wish that the hours I spend stressed were enough to "succeed". Do you know that I have spent hours crying over you?
Because I love you I will not do your homework But  Because I love you I will proofread it when you're done
Tears down my cheeks run in streaks.  All the time I wasted, 72 hours to be exact.  481 pages more to complete. Yet I compose a poem instead.  It's not my fault I couldn't finish, it's my guests.
Is it really that time of year, the day is coming, the day I fear, the day, the day we go back to school, but how can I become more cool? I know the perfect way! so what do you say homework or youtube?
The Best time To do my Homework is at Night.
A life of hardship awaits ln the past. For Hell on Earth has passed me by. Funny how the worst times flow slow. The best go too quick. What Hell did I live for so long? Full of work and study was it?
Pull the rope from either end Watch it fray and snap and destroy from within.   Then squeeze the ball at its very core Till it’s a flat disk, with a pop, then a ball no more.  
Hey, are you still up I was working until 1am I only cried a little
After a long shift at my job being a sales clerk. I sit down to do my homework. I know I have to get this done. But I want to go and have fun. I pull out my books and begin to write.
The week has just started And I'm drowning in a flood Of papers and anxiety In homework and insomnia. The halls are much too crowded, There is no spaces in the rooms, My head is over crowded
What does my homework think of me? I’m sure it doesn’t like me anymore than I like it… It sits in a musty folder all day Waiting for me to pull it out
Mindset, there As papers and textbooks stare at me I blink. Tired eyes, reddened while the clock tics. Focused, but not As the body says "goodbye" promising to greet me later.
The day is long, its prospects dreary, and in this state I’m weak and weary. I have no drive and no desire; I need something that will inspire. Of movement and of thoughts I’m leery, yet to my mind there comes a query:
So many stresses, Day after day after day! It makes my head hurt!   The pain in my head Can feel like a volcano Filling me with dread!
alone and bitter. your hard personality is textile. distraction is written clearly on your face. the papers piled high, urgency overwhelming.
From class to class From book to book This is all a mess Just take a look   Homework piled up No end in sight Every time I wake up Don’t turn on the light  
Calculus, Chemistry, will this endless tide of homework ever stop?
The clock continues to tick even though I beg for it to slow This test is ruthless, causing me so much woe The words I need elude me like fish that never bite my line Everyone knows that my grades are on a decline
I stare hard at the numbers and sign. I concentrate, I rack my mind.   Minutes pass but I still haven’t a clue, I try and try, But I still don’t know what to do.
Drip Drip Drip Tears fall from my face
I am not inspired To write any poetry I have been sitting all period And can't think of anything Times almost out So here I go You may not understand So read it slow
It is half past three and I have finally reached my home
I bring a crumpled paper to class, torn, shaded, but there. Alone sitting on a narrow desk,  torn, shaded, but there. When collected it seems the same torn, shaded, but there.
Experiment with metals like chrome Experiment with chemicals like foam Plese try to have fun Clean up when you're done And please try not to blow up your home
Sitting at my desk trying to get some howework done. All I can do is to look out the window,  I wish I was outside in the sun.
Crystal clear perceptions,
Oh hated homework! The constant worry and stress Fuss and mess Taking away precious time Repeats of schoolwork
Its flawless face is veiled with tension like a bride on her wedding day,
Have you ever felt alone. You could be around a crowd of people yet feel like your the lonliest person ever?
The class is packed With students, Work, Lessons.  
Mean teachers. Heavy Books.
Roses are red, Violets aren't really blue, But that doesn't really matter, Because homework sucks, And so do you. I hate this class, I hate this pass, I can't even get up to take a piss.
It's all online, just read it in your textbook,
Teachers just don't seem to understand That we have a couple of things we'd like to demand It's not all about my GPA And all those other things on my resume It's about living life as best we can
I am bored. My life is nothing But school work  And people.  The people only serve to make me feel lost in a sea of faces.   I am erased. The color in my soul dulled
Homework gives me stress; I think it's point..less. But I gotta do the work so I can pass this test. No, I'm not trying to fail, my grades really impress! 
I sit in my bed contemplating sleep It's 3 AM again, but it is so early I still have to speak to Jefferson about his ideas on federalism I still  need to figure out how to ask Pythagoras about his golden ratio
Inside the classroom no homework should be had
So I know there’s homework due today. That much I really know. I also know that now is the time Where you collect it so…   I must explain to you Why my homework isn’t here
So I am leaving soon anyway And you won't see me another day.
My fresh, new assignment On a crisp piece of paper in bold text "I'll get right to it!" I say As I lay it down on the corner of my desk Never to be touched again
I'm getting a zero because I didn't do my homework? Oh, and that zero is going to bring my grade down three points? Okay. Yeah, it's my fault for not turning it in. I'm sorry.  
School is back, its that time again teachers are wack, i get to see friends if theres one thing i dont like its a loner but overall i hate homework teachers need to stop with all of this domework
Why do you give us so much homework? I learn better in class so stop being an ass im sorry for my language actually im not i know im being a snot but listen hear 
Kiss My A** Where do I start, what can I say? Never been much for words At least that's what they tell me. "Oh you're so shy" But I stand up in class "That question is stupid"
I am BOLD, I am BRAVE, Who are YOU to tell me I'm not. I may not be the fastest to understand, but I give what I've got. My BEST....is it enough? I study, I struggle, I even go without sleep,
Why so much? Can't you see i hate it!Homework here, homework there And you don't even bother to grade it.This is stupid why should we do it?Look at all the extra work and there's nothing really to it,So common let's admit that you don't even like
I walked a mile to high school everyday. I sat for six hours. I learned about subjects that I didn't care about. When school was over I walked a mile home and spent my own time  doing more work.
just go retire. get fired. now. please.oh wait. we can’t get rid of you?then you might as well listento what all you trashy teachersalways have to say
Where's my homework you say? Well I sat down and did it yesterday. Then half way through, my pencil ran out of lead. My homework was eaten by the bugs in my bed! My seventy-year old computer got a virus,
Her tone frightens me As she spouts equations at the speed of sound My pencil furiously marks my paper With numbers and letters   If she hears the tapping of a pencil
You wonder why we cry and whine It's because homework is a waste of time   We're not stupid, we know the junk But when school's out we like to get on our funk  
Calculus Homework is Like some sort of poetry It expands somewhat in the middle Then is gradually, thouroughly Simplified until it is quite Manageable once Again
The neverending blizzard Stuck, forever; It never ceases More upon more, Piling up, up, up When you thought you were done Here's another one Have no break, rest assuredBetter get it done now
Homework... Huh, now that's a funny word. Oh wait, no it isn't, that was really quite absurd. They swear it's in our best intentions, and they insist we must go on, but what good can come from something
What Do You MEAN I'm Suspended?  Im not allowed to say that in class? Im not allowed to say that thinking about taking my life isn't me being a coward but instead you being inconsiderate?
  here I’m insane there I’m even more insane because I could be sane which is strange because  I usually can’t be sane while surrounded by too many people
I can show you a villanelle that I wrote. This is the only way of showing it. Yes, I did pay attention and take note
Our World is quiet, and operates in shadows. The secret committees commence with their meetings. The silent leaders annually rendezvous. We are strong and stealthy, though we are only teething.
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