post traumatic stress disorder

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How could you let me down? My dear brain, your power is so immense But you lash out on me.   Why me?   For once let me have one thought one idea
Dear Trauma,   letting you go is harder than diminishing you into “just something that happened to me” or “nothing big really”.
Why Why was Life so hard?   Why was it so bleak?   How come Life was overjoyed   As it preyed upon the weak?       How did Satan reach us?  
Did you know people have pain they never show.Everyone has a story hidden in their hearts.Some are hurt; others broken and that's not the worst part.The worst part is you never noticed thisor maybe it was just missed in this consuming abyss we cal
I can only describe her in phrases that don't make sense  in images  in times of night  or metaphors. She isn't real and never will be again.  She's dead. I'm not. Ironic.  She comes in waves
We all get screwed up in the end.  Life screws us up. We all face our own battles. Wage our own wars.  Concur our own enemies.  And fall down at our own turns.
Little girl stood strong and free, With her head held high, And her eye in the sky, But little girl is different from you and me.   Little girl used to run and play, She had friends by her side, No secrets would she hide, But soon little girl began...
Bombs all around me Shrapnel hits my skin I can feel my life fading I’m about to give in   Then my Corpsman came
I was strange, I was weird, I was a popular outcast I was scared, I was confused, I really am still But life's strange, its weird, its going by too fast But I'm strong, and I'm here, and I always will
They took me and I went with; why would anyone care? And I waited here all those months, with a dark and empty stare I waited patiently for death to come, I didn't even try
I’m sick of these family ties holding me back, And if I ever tried to leave you’d be right there to put me right on track. Chastise me and ridicule me for everything I lack. Ask me how I am I’ll lie and say I’m grand.
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