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When you fall When you take long in the cycle Remember seeds do too Deep in the dirt, drenched and dosed with heat
Teetering on the edge, knuckles white Mind racing, why am I here? spiraling What can I hold? Or what can hold me? How can it all somehow turn out right?
 To win my heart, cross my roads  To get my love, you knock my doors  Let's to start, to earn cruise  To build a nest within love rose     Adore you much, looking forward  To keep in touch, even one word  Eager to fly, to reach sward  Where your f
Jennifer Brown 10/9/18 Grow From a little seed i grow you let the water flow. I'm not sure why you picked a seed like me
My seed became my fruit now my branch has been cut away the first truma is always the cutting away. A stranger was allowed into our garden, into our world bringing the mist of heart ache and pain tears.
Leaves of green, Lo, have you seen? They cover all the soil, For grow they must, In Earth they trust, So all the day they toil.  
The earth sits, bare. How it wishes for there to be One to bring water to the deserted field. Let the seeds of the beautiful flowers and trees Grow and grow until the bareness can no longer be seen.
A gust of wind. I am dislodged from my cradle. My blanket is ripped away. My family shrinks in the distance. I crash to the ground. The light blinks out as I am covered in a new blanket. I am cold.
When I peer closely, I can see you there Your tiny head pokes out above the ground Your fight against the world is newly found, As men will question, “How much will you bear?”
A purpose to strive for is all that I need. A purpose to fulfill is the goal of my deeds. As long as I have a purpose, my actions will be planned and my thoughts will be organized,
There is a golden seed, In the middle of a dark alley With shattered glass and a trail of  Condoms, pinned down by needles of  Heroin addicts and junkies. Its golden aura descends on the 
Nothingness is what fills me on the inside.  Theres no ambitious, drive, or enthusiasm.  My optimism is starting to decompose in the soil that was my dreams; the soil forever waiting for the seed of beginning to be planted.
Lord you planted in me a seed I allowed the world in and instead raised a weed It wasn't to You at all fair Especially since you had told me to treat it with care I wallowed in wealth and sexual sin
What inspires me is when you don't read, you refuse to look into a world that I'm forced to perceive. What inspires me is when i sit here and bleed, lay here and shed tears, cry, cry and plead
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