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I hear the deep rolling growl of my fathers pick up truck pulling into our driveway The plumes of smoke filling the air like an ominous grey cloud of warning.  
Get up from the couch and go to bed, darling. I wish I could crawl into you for safety.  --Thunderstorms scare me and self-doubt floods my mind. I have nightmares of you leaving me behind.  
Dear Hurricane Victor,   A hailstorm commenced when I agreed to be yours And you, mine… I often wonder if it was a sign.  
The clouds start moving in, obscuring the midday sky. They layer upon one another, blocking out all available sunshine.   The wind picks up, rushing through the trees.
The wet soil crunches with every drop of water that pellets the ground. Leaves bend to make way for the pouring force from the sky.   Thundering above the ground,- Booming with loud claps of sound and light,-
My dear baby no matter how many years go by no matter how far you’re away from your Dad no matter how many typhoons and thunderstorm appear between you and me no matter how many
I'm shaken, I'm shaking but not from the thunder pretty soon then, my heart booms but not from the lightning The weather outside is nothing compared to the way I feel when anxious, hyper, and scared
My mindset is a thunderstorm. In the darkness I am lost and blinded by a storm cloud. There is, however, some hope for this natural disaster.  
What you see,
A night of rain brings many memories, each drop whispers the words of love for
Droplets of water fall from the sky
Back home I spent a lot of time in the rain.I spent hours walking around my neighborhoodNot in light sprinklings or simple showers,but in the heavy downpours that punctuated my childhood.
It swiftly flies,Dark is the sky,Drip drop, drip drop,Sounds roof atop. All the trees bend,Without an end.With some control?Not this black hole.
Waking up to a gray covered sky Can set one's mood down from way up high Making some happy, making some cry.
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