A Letter To Heaven

Dear Kiersten,

I hope heaven isn't just full of angels.

I hope there are abundant ladybugs, majestic horses, and cuddly dogs.

I pray heaven is filled with beauty and song!

I know heaven is full of angels just like you—



I know heaven is full of shooting stars like you,


I know heaven is full of beautiful people

who journeyed there too young...

leaving this world behind—

a brighter place albeit.

souls who may not have granted wishes...

but did grant hope and joy!

lovely souls who lit up the world!

thank you for lighting up my world.

you made my life a better place...

I miss you—

I love you—

see you some day...

keep shining until then best friend,

please help me shine like you—


Marissa Shook


(in memory of Kiersten June 1st 1998-march 6th 2016)







This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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