' 'fear' 'lost' 'alone' 'sad' 'hurt' depressed' 'help'

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I'm not alone is what they say,Then why dont you help me?Why do you sit there and watch me in pain?Why do you sit there and do nothing?Why do you sit there and continue to laugh with your friends?
Do it You’re worthless Do it No one cares Do it You have nothing left Do it.  
You’re right, you’re right I hate that your right I hate it you know why? because I knew the answer even before you answered I knew it, I did
this body im in,  i cant love it. i see the hate, what i hate, what they hate. im too fat. i eat less and less. i eat nothing. i get sick. im bones. im dying they say.
walking the halls alone, crowded like always, noise from every direction, still I feel utterly alone.   People talk amongst friends, people have stories to share, people feel at home.
Break me teach me how to fly to life I've forgotten how to see. I've forgotten if I can If I opened my eyes. but I am walking blindly forced and we're set on fire the broken pieces of illusion, forever falling within my mind.
By the grave I saw the nightmares That moment my soul grew nagging. Instead I uncovered my worries That moment my soul grew gnawing.  
1 1 more person   2 2 shaking hands   3 3 is already a crowd   4  4 pairs of hands on me   5 5 voices over lapping   6
  Im going to fucking kill myself. I feel like nothing helps. Nothing will take this pain away.  
Looking for Answers And denying events This journey portends So, it begins;   This mixture of love and fear The tireless industry of culture and sin   Sex scandals and race riots
How can something so small grow to be so beautiful? Let the light shine down on me like I'm in a play or a musical. Be the love that showers me & help me bloom, Don't pick me up only to carry me into a dark room & filled with negative fume
As a kid you learn to swim Not doggy paddling or floating or splashing But actually swimming in a body of water What you don’t learn Is how to swim to the top
As a kid you learn to swim Not doggy paddling or floating or splashing But actually swimming in a body of water What you don’t learn Is how to swim to the top
My brother My brother My brother He is the winter to my summer However I do find winters pleasant He has forced me to either freeze or to defrost the winter with a warm college breeze    
As I open my eyes to start my day A dark cloud filters me and the words I say This spirit originates from my unholy brain It resides within me and has no real name It makes me sad and or afraid
Is it wrong to want to feel a little loved? Sometimes I just feel so alone. All I ever do is run, run, run. I ain't even safe in my own home. Am I wrong to want a little more? Than this s**t I'm dealing with.
everything  about you.  b r e a k s me, myself & i  into the ocean into the open air into the great wide open  
hey! love you’ve been on my mind and i just want     y o u         to know you    mean                     so much to me
From the bottom of my heart I wanted to give up since she left without a goodbye. Trapped in the cage of pain and distress. I am suffering everyday why can't anyone guess?
i meet this guy from New York on April 30th he swung lies mixed with truths because we were getting to know each other once done that he complimented me on a daily like waking up for school 
the most beatiful gift giving is a mirror it creates a safe place, everything is visiable go inside the mirror and be safe behind the mirror called life aware of things around but consciously unaware of them,
I strived for suicide, a way to escape my thoughts on the inside, All I needed was a way to rethink and unsink myself from where I stood,
When do you grow up and what’s its result? Better question, what decides that you’re an adult? Some people say paying taxes, getting your license, finishing school… …drink at the bar, be in the jury, or finally move.
To the man who says depression is fake and actually believes it. You know who you are. Hi, my name is Nate, we haven’t met or maybe we did. There’s so many of you screaming in my ears that I might not have heard you.
It was a wild fable you see visions of hippies dancing, singing free their song resonating within my jovial mountains Buddhism captivated me shook the little girl in kindergarten and said
I always see people returning after a crisis, Standing alone without shoes and without hope, What can be believed living in the street He could only find peace from the pages covering his feet
You wear a brave facade to hide your fear of the dark. Looking Looking for another light to follow because your own light has finally dimmed
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