personal struggle

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I am like a student who is kept after school but I must stay for a lifetime. And I am sentenced to write on the dusty chalkboard that is my heart, these following words: LOVE
You wear a brave facade to hide your fear of the dark. Looking Looking for another light to follow because your own light has finally dimmed
Constantly in pain My own thoughts driving me insane Life is just a drain But the misery is only in my brain   A family that is perfection Offers me protection I am the infection
What would I change? I would change the world. I would give everyone a pair of socks Because nobody needs to get cold feet. I would make everyone a blanket fort To keep warm their hearts.
Free time???? 
So ladies and gentlemen!!Get ready for a no-chance SUMO WRESTLING fightIntroducing the contestants....on the blue side,is the all time professional BIG SUMO BROTHER.And on the red side,
A girl sits in this world helplessly waiting for a reaching hand having no one to look up to no one to understand she follows the wrong things growing up way to fast her life is like danger
I write because I can express myself freely. I write because it's a doorway to another world. I write because it's my form of art. Writing is my anti-drug. Expressing myself with no ridicule,
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