losing yourself

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Were we human? Yes, once we were. But not now. Not now.   Now we are more. We are one. Unity.  
At that moment,  I let you go. I felt my heart let you go. And it was the most refreshing feeling I have ever felt.  I still love you - But I'm not your prisoner.  and I never will be again.
I come back to this town, And it is not I that has changed; But it.   The streets; They are empty.   The houses; They are dark.   The people; They are cold.  
sometimes i find i want to press myself in a book like a flower to flatten my spine so my shoulders can be higher   but if my body wasn’t fragile
Run away into her arms You’ll be safe there Drowned in expensive perfume Gluttony, let me eat the envy 12 batches of burnt chocolate chip cookies  
i feel like i'm chasing us navigating our warm embraces i'm tracing the lines on your palms back to where we started i miss you more than the pain of being with you this hurts more than i thought it would
If there is one thing I want,it is to not be a wasted life.I want to say I did things for people.I want to saythat I became a playground for everyone’sdemons,a place for people to leave what won’t
Once upon a time...   There was a young couple with too many kids: Poor Isaac, Miss Sue, and sadly, young Sid. The three of them had never enough to eat. Momma didn't know what to do or who to meet.
What is this darkness? But with this grief, I have you, So I embrace darkness.
I swear i'll love this town, if only I can look at it from my cars rear view mirrior. This Town destroyed me. I would destroy myself , to become your idea of perfection. Yes, yes, yes
It is easy to lose oneself gazing into the vastness of space.   The calm beating of the heart begins to mirror the gently pulsing twinkle of the stars. The consciousness is perfectly absorbed
  I lost myself years ago Tried to find me, looked to and fro But nothing helped, I was frayed The darkness inside me has always stayed   I tried to find myself in the loneliness
All my "friends" are gone and I'm left here alone. L o n e l y.  They took every piece of me with them. I am nothing without them.   I can't breathe. My chest is getting tighter and
The moonlight rays Slice through your window, Similar to the way The blade kissed Your skin only moments ago. You look out with Blurry vision and
abandon childhood reinvent the world you see dreams, can you recall?
I sweat my soul out Under bright lights through a lying smile. Fingers splitting from the wrecking dry heat in an arid lack of truth. Salt crusts in the corners of my mouth, over my cracked lips.
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