"I Am Afraid"

I'm afraid of heights, but that's not all.

There are no ropes in case I fall.

Now that I'm an adult it seems,

the only escape from anxiety is in my dreams.


I would love to wake up one day,

and not have to worry about how I'll pay

for college, groceries, and a car.

Without any money I won't make it far.


I'm afraid to die, and afraid to live.

As poor as I am I still have love to give.

Living is just dieing in slow motion.

Is there something beyong the horizon of this blue ocean?


I wish I could lay in bed at night

and not feel a growing sense of fright

that tommorow will come before I am ready.

A future needs to be built on legs that are steady.


I am afraid, but I'm also strong

because in this choir I sing my own song.

There are no ropes in case I fall

at least I'm never truely alone at all.


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