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...I Am the stone of Kindness dropped into the sea of Humanity creating an Eternal ripple effect of Good Vibes and Love. #MissionStatement
I’m not really over what happened, No. I’m moreso, well, How do I put it?  Exhausted
Telling someone to "be kind" What a stupid thing to do We've been taught it since day one Only an idiot would not know It's something first graders learn 
Once upon a time, There was a little chicken, Who thought life was sublime, Till with fear he was stricken   He asked his mother, “Where are you going?” “Why are you leaving?”
I want others to view me  as a love cloud. A floating entity. Something I think the world needs.   I almost don't want to be seen. I wanna be particles the air someone breathes.
Im addiceted to help To put others needs before mine Why? Cause we live in a cruel world. One where gossip is a hobby  Being mean to others is perfectly normal Killing others with words is typical
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