Never Give Up

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If I had a time machine  I'd take you to the farm  we'd visit 1989  I'd keep you in my arms.  We'd play until we slept standing  falling on our backs were landing  my Dad is there.
Try try try... They say that is all you need to do to fly.   But yet I can never let my self soar, Because I am always hitting the floor.  
Dear Anxiety,
Once upon a time, No. Let’s flash forward. This is the real story.   North China constantly
Sometimes, when life gets too hard to stand, you need a minute to sit down in the mud and move on. Move on from all that is hard, from all things that give you stress. Now, moving on is not the same as giving up.
it's not that we are not aware of our individual situations it's just that human nature gets the most out of us  and we let human stubborness lead us we merely choose not to dwell and do something
You open your eyes and see trees and sand. Where it is just water accompanying this piece of land. You know not of how you got to where you are. But you can already tell that home is so far.
Chains tightly cling to my ankles, 
Dangling of a cliff, Fifty feet in the air Holding on to your rope- You can’t make me let go
The heaven’s open up, I’m standing in this ghost town, Lost soul with no purpose, Wondering why, One more person wishing for an unknown sky,   The heaven’s clear, Then brilliance strike,
A smile on the face is my disguise... the truth is hidden behind my eyes... never was i good at emotional epression... never did i want anybody to ask questions...
To find ourselves out here seems very hard To see with closed eyes stumble we all Not knowing darknes ruins where we start We trip over ourselves and take the fall   The path we walk is foriegn to our feet
Dream to the future. Let your wings take you there.  Be brave and stay strong.  You don't know what is awaiting you.  But never give up, that's what you should never do.   Fate or destiny is the key.
Day after day, after day. You go and say that you just may. You say should I or could I. You think about joining that team. But then you think it is only just a dream. You know you love that sport
I’ve been hurt I’ve been beat Been drug down by my feet-- I’ve been crying I’ve felt raged Tried to put down all the right words on the page-- I’ve felt the darkness of the bottom
Despite the rough seas. I will travel to the end. And keep on going.
Picture yourself being on top of the world, winning every battle that has come to you with quick in easy fashion. Now with all that glory and fame you are defeated by someone who now has your spot, glory, and fame. What do you have in mind now?
Is this the end? Or just the end of the beginning, The path in front of me seems infinite, The more I run, the longer it extends. Yet I can not stop because my heart wills it. The pain and the agony,
Need a little inspiration? Never give up! :)
I am born surrounded by people I grew up surrounded by people   Regardless of being surrounded by people My choices are mine alone...   Through the good and bad times
Try and try strive and strive reach for the stars that all you know is headed towards try and grasp even with crushing feet and glaring eyes condemning you for daring to reach
Some winds will blow your boat forward, while others can send you back shoreward. Plenty will bring along waves and rain, making it hard to sail smoothly again. Regardless of what nature may bring,
Life is nothing but a drive through the dirt roads, enjoying the ride. It’s nothing but a wonderful night with your girl at the movies, and you can’t forget about the popcorn.
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