The Freedom of Hope

Stranded am I, by this enslaving isle of fear.

Captured am I, by its fell whispers in my ear.

Where can I go?

Where can I run?


Surrounded am I, by the ocean of worry.

Beaten am I, by the doubt all a flurry.

What can I do?

How can I flee?


Aroused am I, by a dove in the sky.

Cheered am I, by its call from way up high.

Who will save me?

When will they come?


Loved am I, by the one on his way.

Filled am I, by the hope of today.

Will I not hope?

Will I not breathe?


Living am I, by this hope from within.

Die would I, were this lifeboat taken.

Hope will I, until the very end.

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Our world
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