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Hudson Andrew Farrell was born to Dave and Carla in Binghamton, New York, July 16, 1997. Hudson has moved many times and has lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Indiana. He has also been to Belize and Ecuador on mission trips. He enjoys reading books, watching movies, playing video games, spending time with his family, and especially discussing deep topics like politics and theology. He is actively involved in his youth group where he plays a role in leading a middle school boys group. One of the most important parts of his life is his relationships with his family and friends. At an early age Hudson fell in love with soccer. He has played throughout his elementary years and all the way through high school. During his senior year he was honored with a captain position on the Varsity team and received the MVP award. Hudson developed an early interest in making movies when he first began making stop motion movies with his Legos. Since then, he has produced many short films with his siblings and has won an award at the Envision Film festival for Best Cinematography. He plans to attend Taylor University next fall and study Film and Media Production.
Stranded am I, by this enslaving isle of fear. Captured am I, by its fell whispers in my ear. Where can I go? Where can I run?   Surrounded...