Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam

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                           My life has always been full.                            From education, to travel.
to every side, there lies an opposite to every cup empty of water, i sese a cup full of air to every dark night, i see the begining of a lighter day to come to every bad day at work, i see a good night of relaxing
The backlight shines bright on my smartphone tonight It blinds me, hurts my eyes Yet I still look to see a message waiting To my surprise, it's my boyfriend Texting me two hours before sunrise  
Don't forget who you are Don't forget who's got your back Don't forget what side your on
The season of colors created with wonders green blades of grass with droplets of dew the birds are on a hunt to feed their little ones chirps and laughter explode in different colors
Each day is a chance to make it better than before But with different challenges the trick is to stay the course a consistent positive path finds you somwhat in awe  some way it inspires
I apprecaite the beauty of life, The sun that shines through my windows,
Society wants us to conform. Being addicted to social media is all the rage.
Look at her, how tall she stands! The weight of the world is sitting on her shoulders, poor thing. We hardly notice though, because she stands so tall. 
Where does super honey come from? Well of course it comes from super bees,
My brother raps to me in Korean He swears he's the baddest, best in the game Wants you to live so you can witness him exceed his dreams   My sister is a powerhouse Her angelic, strong voice sends chills
Running down the hill Pushing through the clouds Upon the strength of my own will, I'm on the pursuit of Happiness   Sippin coco, the Belgian kind Stars shining upon, a summer night
Life can get you down There is no need to frown Fill your life with awesome people Life is your canvas You control how it is seen by others  
Our love as bright as day but also dark as night  the game that we play doesn't end without a fight   but together we stand and together we fall  hand in hand  through it all
If I ever have a son His name would be Light  But they would call him King    I'll make him laugh So the world could hear him giggle  One of his many names would be Simple  
Life brings many trials that you have to face; But through these trials and all that pain is something that I have learned to embrace; Although my life has sometimes been full of negativity,
Bring me back to pleasant time When life was simple and sublime When hot wheels were all i needed to be happy instead of filling up gas tanks with no money
Don't turn around Don't look back Only if you're going to see how far you've come Take it from me A girl like me Who has been through the deepest of oceans and seas   Making mistakes
Everything is awesome Until you reaize that it's not The wold is ugly With vitiation it is wrought The sky will always rain, and the world is filled with pain Pessimim reminds us why we must refrain  
Sweat lines my dusty brow. Heaving lungs alternate as between billows, Each surge breaking my glassy lens.   Far off, that distant cry... Brother against Brother in that field of daisies.
This is for all the girls out there who struggle be
What to expect when all things get out of hand? You turn towards the thing that has been there since you were brought to this land All living beings, the birds, the trees Something more incredible than our life it seems
I have no desire for your mercy For it turns to dust on my tongue Making me ravenously thirsty   My throat is parched The well is dry I will no longer Cry my cry  
I empty my chest; I have had all that I can take, I whisper my goodbye with the last in my lungs. I stand so still; not even a flinch, I force myself to remain calm.  
Breathing fresh air for the very first time Arguing with siblings, whats yours is mine
Everyone asks me If I believe in happiness Of course I do Everyone needs happiness Everyone deserves it Everything is awesome when you’re happy You become a better person
Freedom. The ability to make your own choices; this is what makes our lives so great.
In this day and age, celebrities and greatness are everywhere You see their talents grace TV screens worldwide From Lionel Messi to Taylor Swift, their presence is felt and appreciated
I was 16, staring out the window, wondering why
I think I'm a good example of diversity. While I go to school like everybody else, have friends and relationships like everyone else, I am my own individual self.  
It is  6 AM Light creeps through the taffeta curtains My eyes flutter as I try and preserve my slumber The age old question begins to haunt me Do I get up or do I sleep in and not leave my bed?
A beautiful city is what I see for you, and maybe for me too. Skyscrappers as tall as my belief in you. Life is not so cruel. Doing what we love. We do not turn to rust. We will shine as the world around us turns to dust.
but then I question not only myself, but my purpose, and perspective on love and I wonder if those were your true intentions.
I am short- no- I can fit in small spaces I am crazy- no- I am unique I am quiet- no- I organize my thoughts I am human. You are human Everything             We                         Do
From the air I breathe To the walls that surround me Everything has awe
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