Everybody Leaves

Everyone leaves,

for what reason I have no clue.

I always think it's because of

something I do.

Maybe I try too hard

or don't try hard enough.

I can be so close or so cold

when I try to be tough.

When will the right one actually

stick around?

When can someone just like me

finally be found?

When I show my affection,

to them, it gets old fast.

When I disappear,

they don't care that we didn't last.

I'm tossed away just like trash.

So I'm through with trying.

I'm done, at last.

I won't give at all if I cannot recieve.

Why they all let go, I cannot conceive.

All I do is laugh, tell jokes, and smile.

But I guess they all get bored 

with me after a while.


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