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Part I:   Once upon a time not so very long ago Romantics aspired for high class views While maintaining minds that were opposed to prose.   In all their writings they embellished upon
Follow me into the valleys, there's not much left up here look left mind your head and don't forget to breathe. Sometimes the world spins sideways but everyone still seems to be upside down when it stops.
Please fill my lungs up with sealing wax Archaic artifice is familiar; let this be how I die I could not live with myself In these twisted refractions    I could not go on
My poems these days are messy afterthoughts With no thoughts or rhyme to them anymore A whirlwind of time pieces that are just eventualities
Soot covered clothes, Rough calloused hands, No one cares to know, no one understands That girl who became royalty, I would hate to foil the Fantasy The false reality
Life is a toilet. it takes all your crap while letting you enjoy it, and when you stop giving a shit you are left with something useless.  
I am a girl. Who feared men her entire life until she tasted one. Her fear turned to envy and became addicted to them and the sense of pride accompanied by their friendship. Pride was the key ingredient in her attempt to conquer.
I tried to fall in love,  and love fell away from me.  Music tastes and edited imagery can’t disguise the doubts of the reality that you are not good or true  for who I am trying to be, 
Reality is dictated through a series of coherent conclusions. To often, illusions permeate the pure walls of reality, distorting the sound mind. Reality by its nature accepts a certain grace and elegance.
Hold on Turn around Take a look at what we've found I've had a hard time believing  That everything happens for a reason But I see it I see it now   I don't know where I'm going
I once met love at the front door! And, when I glaced it's direction Love, beautifully, smiled back at me. That was love. My first sight! I became instantly drawn to love.
Black.   I turn to the square. It’s light immense, mesmerizing, captivating. And there’s color. So much color. I can’t stop myself from looking.
I see demons on the ceilings- They crawl down the steps and up the pew to preach- I see sheep in the pasture- and if he tells them to jump they will fly from the rock and kiss the ocean-
You may know me. I'm the kid that most people know. Good grades many friends everything seems to be going perfectly.
Nautical graves and practical poets, Woman's condition and cultural woe. Heaving sensations accompany the telly. What's worse than these? The end of the show.
Clandestinely cascading-- The entire, pitiful, centerfold That I consider to be a sympathetic heart
You said it, therefore it must be true. Yes, every word you speak is law. Why should anyone have room to doubt you? You, who beleives everything the bias media tells you.
Today we can live Yesterday we've survived Tomorrow will never cry The days of our lives We can do whatever. Till one of us die Then we all Cry
What is comparable to inevitable?? If the lyrics don't intertwine, then the meaning is forgotten. How do we proceed to the next level when we keep falling? The stairs are right before us but the world is calling,..
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