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They told me that I would not pass, He told me that I would never understand, She told me that nobody would ever like me, But look who's wrong;   Today I passed my final exam,
Dear Lord, I'm higly stressed, Please help me on this test Amma do my best and let you handle the rest Dear Lord, please help me on this test Because if I don't pass, I'll be a mess Lord, feel my chest
Midnight passed by two minutes, Got beats in my head ticking, And words are lip syncing to the beat. Create a melody. One, two three rhymes. Bittersweet symphony, makes your heart ache like ecstasy.
Words written in scrambled lines lines filled with words words that determined my fate fate of my grade.
  Staring over the steaming fumes,prophetic wisps, tendrils of the muck,rising up and twisting in her nose,   Eyes bloodshot,covers torn asunder,an empty bed lays in ruins,  
  The Piece of Paper   As the bell begins to ring a sea of students invades the halls the sounds of lockers
I have been getting perfects score on my quizzes but when my exam came back, I almost had a heart attack. In my mind I had written a letter on the matching portion but to my dismay I have left blank three questions!
Excuse me, sir. Are you listening, miss? You are not going To want to miss this.   I have something to say. I speak for more than a few. Testing isn't fair. I'm sure this isn't new.
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