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Her hand grazed my skin. “Please, be calm my child.” Serenity plagued each of my senses. Flames from the fire grabbed at my shoeless feet. Yet, I was the happiest I have been. Mother looked sadly into my green eyes.
Inside summer's chrysallis, water burned.   A pulsating haze scorched the fledgling cornstalks and slammed into the thick silver mist stemming from the nearby stream. It called to mind the distant dread of winter,
You look at me as if I am inhumane You ponder your thoughts on why I am of use to you You see me dead in the eye and cut me open I cannot breathe I cannot speak  I have no voice I am not heard.
The earth, so cold, the people upon it made her that way.She gives and gives and all we do is take.
Persephone is dead, though the sun still shines And the lake across the field reflects a cloudless sky. But the branches of trees are empty and bare
Night has always been a friend of mine Ideas to explore Imaginations to upkeep Wondrous adventures held in dreams no one can ever seem to remember in the morning   Night is darkness and light at the same time
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