Broken Girl

She runs away to hide

nobody giving her a second glance 

so no one sees her cry

why can't they give her another chance

Broken girl all alone

locked away in her room

putting on her headphones

awaiting for the darkness to consume


No one thought to give her a hug

she had dreams but

they only squashed her like a bug

now she is the girl that cuts


She has stopped eating

the blade takes away the pain

her friends are pleading

as she opens her vein

Ambulance sirens shrieking

her life flashes before her eyes

while her mother is screaming

and her little sister cries

Her vision bluring 

ambulance racing

her words sluring

she can't imagine facing

Her little sister's face

tear stained

friend's interlace 

and pained 

Broken girl lying on the hospital bed

family and friend's all around

as she lay there waiting to be dead

looking like she didn't weigh more than a pound

Almost the entire school was at her funeral

most of her classmates silent

friends and family were emotinal

most the classmates knew they had been violent

She was always nice

probably would never hurt a fly

but others heart's were cold as ice

now paying the price they have to say good bye

Broken girl dead and gone

laying in her silk casket 

she was finally done

wiping tears away on her jacket

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