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Tested and tried and discouraged, I dried my cheeks with my head hanging low. I manifested a truth, blessed with courage, i died in defeat, then my corpse began to grow.
Were we born in a world of darkness,   A tight stream of cool air would be our guide.   The string of fate would tug on our soul.   In desperation, we would reach out for the embrace of certainty,
On this day, you were born. From your mom, you were torn. We've waited so long to meet you. We've longed for your debut.   At this time, 5:35 am, you have arrived. Another beautiful soul for mankind.
I have seen into the light, For so long I never had it in me to stand upright, I was always so pathetic, I never looked in the mirror as my own worst critic, It was always up to me,
Forgive me, For I have been Born a sin, A paradox of life and hate, A believer of fate, A tragedy that lies awake And charges forward without hesitate. A Whisper in the wind,
No one is born knowing.  One must learn it the hard way It is a difficult task, I must say But one must fight against it.  If one does not accept and love themselves,  No one will  
i was born a stoner lyrically on one but I’m sober over popping up eventually like I was a gopher I’m searching but I can’t find meanings
I was born into this world without direction or a clue.  Born into my mother and father's ocean, streaming blue.  They taught me how to swim up the current as I pulled through.
When in October the air was cold,  Leaves were falling because they were getting old, Some trees still had color they were standing strong, Daylight was little the darkness was long,
I'm falling further from myself,  Down into the depths that threatens, To swallow me whole. The water rushes about my face, It fills in the space left by my body. This is where I die.
she got hurt when she was 5 when she fell. she was in her room alone,  pretending to be ruler of the skies  as she jumped off a cloud of comforters and pillows  onto a hard wooden floor where she slid and
There is this moment,
Born Again, Die Again For whether it be the light of good or darkness of evil We go our own way down the path that we call life There is a time in our eras that we must make difficult decisions
You wake up, eat, drive to work, drive home, sleep- repeat. What is this? Am I truly happy? We begin in the womb for a time. Born and as we grow, the cycle restarts once again. What is my purpose?
The soft thudding of his immature heart beats, His eyes barely open therefor he cannot see. He cries in the night feeling cold and alone, For that warmth he once felt is gone forever more.
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