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I roll a blunt and sink deep in my thoughts. I smoke a blunt until I get rid of all of my thoughts. Clouds of smoke then I feel nothing at all.
"I want to see blood!" "I want to see hate!" "I want to see pain written on your face!" That is what I hear when a person chooses to watch. To involve themself in a matter more degrading than name calling.
Who am I without all the “filters”? Well, sometimes I ask myself the same thing.. Optimistic, enthusiastic, and always eager. Some might even call me a stargazer.   But is that really who I am?  
All around me are vacant faces  Their dull hearts cold like empty vases My soul is choking on these fake smiles. Forced to slide on my belly for miles Just to find a place of true color, 
People tell you to speak your mind, but not to be rude. They do not want to hear lies, but say they want the truth. Honesty comes off as being rude, the truth comes off as being too blunt.
No frills No fluff No sugar coat   Let's just jump
I wish you could see    how i long for thee.   More than just predictably or physically,   but rather relentlessly   
My P.E. Class was great, and do you know why? I never had to dress out because my teacher was bi! She read sex books all day, and let us play on our phones,
How silly of me to have expectations. Did I forget you were human just like I? The simple fact that we are human proves that I should have no expectations for you.
"I'm grateful that yous was unfaithful, cause i wouldn't have been able to keep my mental stable and live a fable  with a woman's who's "Slut-Soo-Easily" labeled 
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