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My People talk as if we still are free, the media scoping and molding our mentality.
Black man's bullethole Can't compare to the trusted Man with an excuse
is that I am not a cop with a badge and a gun tasked to serve and protect   nor am I a black father or mother or brother grieving over lost family or friend   nor am I a part of a community where
  I am upset because I still live in a world where an unarmed person of color
The world in itself is not rational It is right for me, but it is not right for you Themes that we see in early thought Isolation, alienation, angst, and dissolution Causes death.
Am I a black male? do you judge me by my skin? or am I a male who is black? do you acknowledge my dark skin? Ignorance will tell you alot about me I am from the hood always up to no good
Judgement and speculations  Have always been passed over me Always been placed on me By family  By friends By people I don't even know   Why is this? 
Justice for all? Damn near justice for none! People die everyday, Because the world can't control their guns Innocent people die in vain. If the police do a crime, Is it ok?
A lovely day, Dull yet gay, For a peace Prevailed.   But all was gone In the blink of an eye.
I want to annihilate the canidate
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