i wish

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I wish I’d told you how good you looked in your suit when you picked me up for Homecoming. I wish I’d told you how much I think about the time we went to the corn maze.
15 things I wish I could say to you... One:  I hate you.
I know that you are out there! Please come and talk, To a girl who feels all alone, A girl that feels so lost.   I am bisexual, Yes, we exist. I am not hiding that I am gay,
You have filled my lungs with your smoke, You have stained the backs of my eyelids. When they speak of love, I feel you. When I close my eyes, I see you. I wish I could let you go,
I wish life was easier I wish dads didn’t die I wish babies didn’t cry I wish the winter weather Wasn’t so anti-tender I wish love was easy And hate hard I wish people weren’t so corny
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