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Today I decided to bring the maker into everything He was the one who installed me in everything  how can I keep him from anything  it's either him or nothing.
Dr aw near  Tou ch me  With your palms of laughing lights  With tips of thousand suns and moons  Closer than water to my earth.  
Spoons of seas sail to Islands where meals hail Rippling flush of divine renewal course blessings 
My story is a mirror of souls I have been daily  With divine ink duly set diurnally Each season with a taste of weather narrates spirally 
I Her eyes speak thousands of waters, From ancient drops of the celestial soul,  Down paths of willing sweetness,
Paths strides in curves  Time tours in curls God birthed Paths and Time  God is infinitely feminine. 
Radical Self Acceptance    You are of my kind,  Uniquely divine,  A different breed of beautiful unlike anyone I have ever seen Clothed in angel energy; Beam and radiate fully now
  No stain no smudge no worldly wrong Can silence the sound of childrens song No Power of money nor chains of might
You are the reason that I am broken Thank you. For had you not broken my heart I wouldn’t have seen myself reflected in the shattered pieces  
I am a poet. My pen is my sword The ancestors and God fuel my every word Flowing out of this trident is ink from the depths of the ocean
Night skies so dark
Oh sweet divinity,
Every day is a gift Wrapped in a present sent from the divine Decorated in ribbon exhibiting the power of his creation Strong enough to demolish all human strife
Our words are like weapons and we're at war, longing to hear the trumpet roar. It's ways rage against us, we can't ignore, but will tolerate the things of this world. We will not embrace the things of this world.
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