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I think I'm falling in love with a ghost, dear, I think I'm falling asleep. I see him on the edge of my vision, singing me soft lullabies with ethereal beats.    The ghost's eyes peer out at me,
Because I love you... I would sail across the ocean to see you.
I’m in love with the kilometres between us, I’m in love with the distanceBetween your eyes and my eyes and your arms and my arms and your place and mineI like that you like what I like and that I like what you like
One: When I was three years old I told everyone I knew that I was an alien from Pluto. I was born as a daughter of Pluto. I crawled my way out of the dust I was conceived in.
Waking up is never my choice I would prefer to stay in my dreams Where you are with me  and not miles away   I wake to the ding of my phone But I know it brings traces of you
Words so sweet never tempted to escape these lipsAs I blow the breezed flowered utterances to youI must ponder in direAre my expressions suffocating?Are my advances tiring?And I must hope in earnest
The days I want to cry and die You make me happy and I don't cry . You make me feel loved the days when i feel I'm not enough . You clear my mind when a storm has hit I wish I belonged to a group or a click .
in a perfect world, the sky would be in a  perpetual state of beauty, the sun always in set, the sky whirling with pinks and purples of many shades, the flowers always in bloom, creating an 
Tap tap tap my fingers go on the ever-blinding screen that's when i get an unexpected message him despite rarely talking to him, he seemed like a nice boy there was something about him
For some it's dreams that get in the way of living For me it's reality that gets in the way of dreaming.   Fishing on those hot summer days, Going home empty handed, laughing all the same.  
You are Winter When the nights are long And the mornings blur Not a thing in our world is wrong.   You are Spring When what melts is grey And new life can cling
We were the best of friends. Laughing, joking and letting the laughter fly. We became the best of lovers. Laying together beneath the midnight sky. We became distant lovers. Those 653 miles that made me cry.
around the pianogossip before we sing"what do you like abouthim?"immediate reactionthey don't go to the same schoolthank god; cringeotherwise he'd be aroundtoo muchcringe
My special someone, Why are you so far away? My special someone, Why don't you just stay? Every day I stared outside my window, Waiting for your return while hiding my sorrows.
I could write books about your eyes and the way you laugh. I could paint pictures (if I was artistic enough) of your smile and your smooth skin. I could give a lecture on the way you looked at me and held me like fine china,
I write of a sad love, but really it's not so. There are many laughs and breath taking smiles. My heart sings of a love unknown. Where it skips a beat when her dark brown eyes
I promise that one day our cold hearts can be together, our blacked out lungs will breathe each other, our stained clothes will be tugged off  by words never spoken through our lips, 
The distance is killing me, I’m slowly ebbing away. You have my heart, I cannot take it away But my heart cannot live in two places at once So I want to curse every mile that’s in between us,
you put a ring of salt around my head so the ghosts can't pass through the walls.  you say "i love you" in latin and the demons pull away.  every kind word melts my red wax heart.
See, the one place I desire to be? Asleep. In your arms safe keep. I think, is it too much to ask of Him above To wake up still embraced by you? Love, I desire to know every inch of.
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