'art' 'life'

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Art is me I am so filled with art that none can compete.   I am the diversion of life i take away pain and strife just do you can go out and have a good time.  
There is a pile of light-blue Jumbled up with white It could have been left behind They're here often enough I try to make them leave But they end up staying here All I can think of is
It's the words of your life You know proof on repeat all day Beat's by Taylor Slim shady' so shady Dropping bombs Faster than you can say sabotage Life's not what you think If you've ever been
Are you down  For some  Of those haters hating Down for  Making thousands of haters That are just disguised as fans Who won't admit they like your shi* They're to busy Wanting to be you
Here we go again  Watching the autumn leaves  Falling down like confentti into place And I know you'll be long gone soon And I'll try to be okay again But I'm not fine yet at all
Industrial decay Left the workers in dismay. Jobs lost, life costs. The buildings are in ruin Yet the teenagers pursue in The creative inspiration This nation chases them away from.
Deliberate and focused I have stopped here at the entrance of the cemetery, pondering the many different diverse deceptions
She gathered books like clouds and the words poured down like rain. She uses the everlasting storm to release her pain. Once the lightning strikes, the universe is yet at ease.
A  year ago I cried. I watched the ceiling fan all day long, simply watching the day pass, waiting for the sunlight to stop shining through my sheer curtains.  
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