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You first wrote about coming of age, Sixteen, first album, ruled the Nashville stage, Unrequited love and a boyfriend who cheats, You made history - so young, fresh, and sweet. Your next hit you became our Juliet,
Maybe we were lost in translation Maybe I said too much and maybe we could have been a masterpiece Till we tore it all up You were there it was rare  Running scared
It's the words of your life You know proof on repeat all day Beat's by Taylor Slim shady' so shady Dropping bombs Faster than you can say sabotage Life's not what you think If you've ever been
Here we go again  Watching the autumn leaves  Falling down like confentti into place And I know you'll be long gone soon And I'll try to be okay again But I'm not fine yet at all
One day I will make you proud I will make all your dreams come true I will channel back into the younger me Who wasn't afraid of anyone or anything Even though I am still fearless I fear some things
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