April 22, 2014

Weeks on end this fog has not lifted

It blurs my vision and

my mind's nerves are racing

crashing, connecting, circling

tangling itself with this dense fog.


Today, the skies are gloomy

But the sun is trying to shine through

One can see the sparkles and glitter cut through the clouds

But still the day is gloomy

Still the clouds are there.


In the distance, I can see the road

It leads on and on, and soon it disappears

Something too far ahead, you will never know

I can run on this path

But the fog is still there, the clouds, the sun - all as they are


Try to control the fog

Try to control the clouds

Try to control the sun

Will you will the winds to blow them away

Maybe I can whisper sweet words for them to skip away


I laugh because 

I have whispered those words

and the sun has shined through the cracks of the clouds

down to the cracked visage,

These clouds make the days cold.


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