Iambic Pentameter

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So firm is the soul that carries great weight. But soft and trusting is the soul of fate. Curious, I ponder, my mouth agape, Of the precious soul and about its shape.  
Afloat a tumultuous sea of rage, he drifts solitary, still, and silent. Yearning out the Hadopelagic cage; deep marine, where quiet means violent.
An ocean, tells you something of nature, Its voice knocks on your ear drums to get your eye, Makes you hear the inner fly, oh my! Close your eyes, observe from top to nadir, You will find high waves, and a new feature
“What’s in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet.” "What's in a name?
“What’s in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet.” "What's in a name?
Everyone says," Why he is like that?" What? Black or insane? Then I tell them about my pain, my suffering, and they all say the same Why would I be lying on my dead friends name? I was 8 when I first took drugs- I was in vain
For months, I knocked upon the doors of death -  Oh thresh this soul from broken flesh and bone! -  Relentlessly I cried with tearing breath,
They do not see my tears are shed as rain, Of water drawn with care from freezing seas, My pulse is made of lightning and of pain, Yet who would hear the fading of my pleas?
I Write my poems freely on the walls of the room By looking natural sky through window's eyes, The stars may add their beauties so me bloom; My face is flattened as lonely air that flies.
My son I found you lonely haunting pains! I lost thy life in duke of forest brook. Why could not see I coffin float there moors? Where did they take to bury my heart and groom?
I yearn for and crave a nice comfy nap, The nappiest nap that was ever napped, Until I can finally say, “Dear old chap, I am no longer sure that I have snapped.”  
When my last gasp escapes from cold, stale lungs, I'll lie- unmoving, stiff, and all alone. Attempts at breath will leave my mouth agape, as empty lungs and body now will break.
Hast I lost my eyes, trapped in ceaseless times Where bleak clouds soar the skies and block my mind? From these clouds does rain fall; acidic crimes
Despite the greys and pales of day the moon Embraced, illumed the clouds or absence of Cast shadows down upon each snow filled grove
The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
At War or At Peace Strong Roses Bloom Through Love and Through Hate By AM  King At war or at peace strong hedge roses bloom. They spill their brambles over the rock wall. They climb to frame the open entrance hall.
Just another word some may say, and a word with no importance. Oh, how false some can really be.   Inspiration to me is more-- more than just a person. What inspires me, you may ask?  
Is th' world so truly full o' toils? No'ne needs t' search afar t' see th' Struggles of th' heart. 'f these despairing People, I wan' to be their a-glowing
The Great Production Upon a soft morning a child awoke. There he arose from his bed and then told, ‘See, father! see! Mother Nature, she spoke!’ As the snow had powdered down, oh so bold.
 When I go outside, brightness strikes my face,  Why must the beam of light feel sensational ?  Now I know I am living the best life,   The pale April dew, reminds me each day.
Two green eyes, white bands beneath lace wings:I'd love such beauty, except of course, he stings
My mind reflects on stories of a man  Who gave life all he had till final breath  He joined the war because he had a plan To save as many as he could from death 
The reflections of song within a pond. To crane our necks, to feel  with song. The drive renewed a love persued with you. As we lie down the love remains too true.  
my love, that singular beauty, is all mine touched with golden splendor of the gods sweet as honey, rich as cherry wine a lively sprite who frolics in the woods
I hope one day this unit on poemsWill end. The rhyme schemes, rhythms, and meterMake my head spin. Although the emotionsEvoked by poetry can be sweeterThan honey, I can not be moved. Oceans
Inside the Old Dutch Church my body stays.As a man, I was a soldier in war.But on the battlefield my head decays,And yet, I still wander the world once more. At midnight, my old curse awakens me,
Inspiration, a perfect expression. Without it, just where would anyone be? Would everything be based on discretion? But no, this is not our reality. When an idea is so inspired,
No one else may hold my gaze as you do. My heart is always longing for your love. It comes to my body, you haven't a clue;
Because we’re lead by sin to turn away, since Eve caused all Creation’s oust from God, refusing fate, our master’s face, His rod, I ask who cursed first... Maker? Baited Stray?
Write with winter in your grasp and summer on your tongue Allow to rest the spring of fall The weather crisp and young Let it paint the silent numbers of this semester past Crack the glass of winter's grudge
The beautiful, so fair and kind and pure, Now all but stripped away because of he Who could not cease the lust for mortal flesh. ‘‘Tis she who suffers from that day and not 
His eyes are disks, His teeth are jacks. His arms sinewed with cables With gold along his back.   A spark of electricity
That forsaken one now is on his knees who long ago Chiron's wounds taught to fall if immortality's lock never frees the peace which rests in much diviner souls. His burden shattered, all of Gaea's shards
Some situations seem less than ideal. Some men will meet a stranger braced to fight. Just brace thyself and talk with sheathed steel.  
The Norns are fear and ignorance and hate. We kneel to them and so portend our fate. Below the world, our refuse feeds the well Of misery and pain by which they dwell.
The mighty man drew forth the hefty blade But of the phone of apple rather than That of the known sword of Beowulf. He is flocked by friends and mocked by foes whose
There is a child and when he's gone will his Small echo last throughout the years through this And just how long will that effect still hold Before he dies, before he does grow old
Sarpedon couldn't get its head around A woman who wanted to stand her ground After a non-consensual encounter. But Medusa didn't let it discount her For sexuality isn't "corrected."
Dark masks that cover everything except the lips on the face. Black face? Or a ski mask either way we accept it but still are somehow amazed. Clearly desginers do not want blacks wearing their brand.
Everybody looks at each other differently, No sign of remorse or hate in their face. But they look upon and judge unjustly! When will they look with love and grace, Will they ever see what lies beneath?
Life is a series of little moments Strung together like pearls on a necklace All adding up to a significant change— There is no single point, no pivotal event
Hurried packing and last minute list checks I'm going far away but won't return Hours fretting about moving away from home all-day driving and moving my stuff in Parents leaving but I am staying here  
When I was young I used to look up to many things; clouds, the stars, and up at you.   You towered over me when I was small, but now we’re even. After all I  
So oft doth love be blindly thrown into An endless savage cycle of deceit, For thyself the results are still askew. Wherefore it ofttimes is so bittersweet? Although I knoweth not what love entails,
Do you ever just let your eyes wander,Let them sift along, searching for purpose?At once it appears, no time to ponder,On no account have I been so nervous.Nothing could fully prepare one for this;
When I see your face there is a soft glow, As if I was looking at a sunset. Even when your face may no longer show, To me, your love acts a comfort blanket;
Within my soul live plenty sparks of fire. You give a warmth so deep that flames arise, No risk, no danger, so why not admire? You change your mind. “Intense” no longer wise.  
Grace be that flower and how she glistens. Your eyes sift along and you don't see truth, It's not about the grace but who listens. She will need you to see through to the youth;
The world watches as numbers trickle in. Each state lights up in hues of red or blue. Hope for a female president grows thin. The man governed by hate now governs you.  
I am only overwhelmed with pure joy; It is when I take in that sweet fresh air. The smell of rain lingers as a decoy, It's a distraction to the lack of care.
Her eyes are just like the deep blue ocean; His smile shines as bright as the sun above. When she looks at him she sees devotion. He knows she is everything he's dreamed of.
To write a sonnet about your Easter bonnet, So dazzling in the cool and sweet spring air, With daisies and a nuthatch perched upon it; But how can I describe a face so fair?  
Could somebody take me somewhere pleasant? It's all I have ever asked of someone. How is someone to be omnipresent? They cry "all hail the one and only son."
Like Bubonic Plague doth spread my grin, As a  single chip, I grasp and  take. My mouth I open, my stomach aches Every second is closer to heaven.
Rose petals wrap against each other in their whispered secrets; too scared to reveal the charms they own. Masks are not ever real.
Unang gabi sa huling sandali Nag-aagaw ang ilaw at dilim Katahimika'y namamayani. Nakatayo sa gilid ng bangin Isang hakbang tungo sa libingan Nakapikit ngunit nakatingin.
Anxious as doom arises, I am done Searching eyes hone in on mine, looking dead But there is no escape as change has won With its angry, hungry jaws, it is fed   Initially, I was but a mouse squeak
Through rain and sunshine you were always there To make me laugh and feel human again. As I grew thin, lost self, and lost hair, I watched your face grow dark with worry when
her eyes compress and wrinkle pure in time for once was ease, now, shelters dread upon disturbing thoughts perturb a chill down spine the first and closing vital thought at dawn
I sentenced you to the flames of deep hell. Deeper than the core of many planets. I pushed you down the deepest, darkest well. I crushed you by the forces of granite. I summoned you to the depths of the sea.
GOD IS SCIENCE A Sonnet   When God and Science both come out to play There’s something people need to realize: The wicked man may drive them both away,
I have been well acquainted with you, Death I have walked fearlessly --- and trembling back I have survived and heard their dying breath  
What written scribbled words have you prepared To even the score of endless hoarse screams? That we creatures cannot seem to repair, Except in our blissful innocent dreams.  
What written scribbled words have you prepared To even the score of endless hoarse screams? That we creatures cannot seem to repair, Except in our blissful innocent dreams.
The soul yearns for a place to call its home Beside the hearth of friendship’s warm embrace Where candor rides the breeze like glitt’ring ash
My eyes have seen, Many a hard thing. My soul has drifted, And with it I sifted, All my blues away.   For the sun will bring a new day. And with it comes fresh pain. Like spring rain.
What I've Learned From Poetry? It's a way to express our pain. Ask a poet, and you'll see, No line is written in vain.   What I've learned from Poetry? Words are meaningful & metaphors, strange.
I see the casket and the mask inside, Held within the young sleeper’s bloody hands. How can kings pick the choice of suicide When they have control of so many lands? Only a grin given, no pain in face,
As I pass by the local airport, I Notice the hound lying on the side Of the street; his eyes are closed as he sleeps. Synthetic fumes enter into my nostrils, One being the fumes of the stained dentures,
Wherefore I seek the path which journeyingpossess said travel’s cause, the way itselfreason despising comfort, that freeinghighway leading beyond riches and wealthso oft un-trod that I’d be trailblazing
Wherefore I seek the path which journeyingpossess said travel’s cause, the way itselfreason despising comfort, that freeinghighway leading beyond riches and wealthso oft un-trod that I’d be trailblazing
  Be careful from everything, Especially around people. You can think to date the love of your life, Just to have them hit you repeatedly. You can be brought into this world!
A "Dr. Ballard" introduced a classof teens to poetry one winter's daylike this: ignoring band kids' brashest brassand waving students' idle chats away—below the ground, before the board he asked,
His shaky smile comes off fully half-sure, face colored sour milk, taken in right light height dwarfed by stately courtroom grandeur
God, I hate the way that Shakespeare speaks, Even though I studied him for weeks. I can’t help feeling that I’m kind of lost, I can’t even think of such a cost.   Looking at a board and writing down,
New York; your streets have treated me quite well, And even in the darkest nights or rain, And even more in love with you I fell, So now my heart will never be the same.  
Our holy God, our father, most merciful,This day is closing, not a perfect end…Here I approach your throne and do pretendI am not a bad person, not sinful.My hands, Lord Jesus, I present: they are full
The bones of men trinkle down through the sea of Sorrow, Misery, and Innesfree. Death and Life take turns moving a small key and Man falls before a blankless void free. Man will crumble and grow every few blinks
My companion anxiety It is time for you to go You're not welcome here anymore But this you already know   Reasoning with you doesn't work Neither begging nor pleading You go away only to return
Which way will you turn? Blinkers stay unlit, One land, Two sea, None by inept driver. Absent headed fool in traffic we sit, Stick figure family, mocking riders.  
My dearest C,   It is no secret that I adore girls.   Soft girls, with dazzling smiles and warm hands, That radiate sunshine just like the dawn. Who speak wih sugared lips and gentle words,
You are a pleasure to most,  And a curse to some.  You are a ghost, That they can't covercome. For those that fear,  And those that submit. You are never clear,  You make people acquit.
Love, thou hast destroyed my waking spirit My Every fiber is drunk with your force My eyes can lust, yet my soul is illicit The sky before a storm was my loves source Now the storm has come, nothing matters anymore
All reasons brought upon our spring, None o’ which th’ cut o’ life did bring; Be withered soon in reasons rotten To say goodbye and love forgotten.
How now, my dearest Lord and suit, Sir Knave? Upon thine honour and upon thy grave, Thou swearest prove thyself a gentleman, And in itself to gain thyself a fan? I’ve seen thee lock’d in taverns here and there,
They say, “You’ll understand when you grow up.” But, I seem to still not understand it. I’ve grown tall, but the change is too abrupt.
Dear Ex Best Friend, I stand upon the shore of roaring sea Attempting to see all that I have lost. I dream what might have been and still might be.
God why can’t I talk fluently to others? My words become indistinct, just fragments In my head their fervour cause a shutter An impact captivating like a comet
Invisibility comes with secrets Kept hidden away from publicity They cannot be exposed, because of bets That friends will see it with simplicity
Cyanide oozes from it’s rotting tongue; a toxic bitterness coats it’s decaying teeth It’s wide, smug grin lacks shame and regret It’s every syllable comes across like a half hearted death threat
To My Doubts, You tear, You bruise, You kick and pull me to the ground. You say the goals I hold aren't worth a damn. You yell and scream, "To Hell is where you're bound!" You warn I can't be more than who I am.
I made a sad, unfortunate mistake It haunts me at night while i lay awake Boys see me as toy to play with now I simply don’t understand why or how
hello, pretty baby,  please forgive us for the mess. will you clean it if you can? we’ve been cleaning, but it’s–   today, pretty baby
Loud cheers, covered the whole gameplace, even The whistle blowed by the two referees Muted;but your beauty makes me listen Here,there and even the farthest places.
I was a half-hearted lover that day, When my lady hurt me,left me alone Like an orphan with rumbling tummy And even the name of mine,I'm unknown.
I can never know just what will happen With my hour, my day, my year, my life All uncertain, unknown. My mind lost in Thought, about if I’ll hold a surgical knife
“Obscene and insulting to this practice,” they scream holding large signs from the roadside “How dare you condone this sin with such pride?”
  Relationships are partly intrinsic An attraction of the unconscious mind But mostly I am fighting the cynic Turns me to fear, and love it renders blind  
Modern stories of love end in a fire, With infidelity mistaken flame, Is still confused with what is true desire, And each relationship has fights of blame.  
Whilst i doth not see reason in mine loveRemaining held within mine heart 't liesThen wherefore would i hurt at which (hour) thee cryOr find thy beaut
Why must I delay my cause No one here, knows my sorrow I’m but a man with no laws My sanity I borrow   I’m a sick and twisted fool
Because  your voice is like a river’s stream Each time you speak, your words are made for me. Content is how I feel because they seem
Will you be by my side until the end? My mind is trapped inside a hidden box If you were here to make me apprehend The crosswalks in my life are a paradox
My world goes on though you were so shallow, with your ignorance you brought much despair, you emptied my heart making it hallow, hurting as I breathe in all the cold air.  
  Because I love the sparkle in your eye When wonder fills your heart and makes you smile I let you talk and laugh and even cry and revel in your passion all the while Because I love to know that you trust me
For me, they toil to ends unseen, unheard.  And though I strive to act refined and wise, 
Knowing everything about your world          Seems to be a blessing, but is a curse. Too much emotions for a single heart to hold. An individual’s mind isn’t a purse, That is able to be organized at will.
Never was a florist profound as he, Arranging blooms in a glorious feat Those small posies held marvelous verses Peach blossom leaves dance in backs of hearses
The Prince is not the cause of all the woe/ It might not be the Villains fault either/ If you ask where I think the blame should go/ Prince? Villain?  My answer would be, "Neither."/  
How can I say a story that's untold? You have heard the twisted lines from the queen Beware of events that will soon unfold Because now my patience begins to ween She is my daughter but claimed by the king
How the skies ripple in their fear of you! A shooting star! A comet! You are none. A fallen star; out of grace birthed is you. Descent out of heaven, all hope is gone.
My dear old home, how we have wronged you. So Blinded by green greed, while your green turned grey. “Their safety is sound” we spoke without woe,
Fire and water,How could I love her?I could not ever!Together. Us. Steam. Desire cloudingEntire meaning; Could be redeeming?Drowning and naive. Into dark, sparks dieIn the rising tide.How stupid am I?Star-crossed, I believe.  
  Your eyes shone bright into my darkened soul. Your smile lightened up my sorrowful life. Your touch made me leap, made my stomach roll.
I lived many lives through words.  I shed tears for heroes who didn't exist, Written poetry for none but me, And sung for only trees.   For years I've roamed these halls,
America, you of which I do dream Every wonderful road, or each steel beam The home of the brave, the land of the free Why does your gaze never pass over me forgotten, alone, almost derelict.
I remember hearing stories of a Country wherein the citizens were free To love and believe in whoever they So desired, but that was in the past.
America flies, but we need to soar. We strive for higher, but pull ourselves down. We look to the left; we look to the right, When the answer is meet in the middle.  
For morning’s breakfast I prepare a snack Of half a poppy covered bagel, so I can survive the day. And then, I lack The most important part: cream cheese, oh no!
When one looks into the mirror, they find Satisfaction, security. I saw Disappointment, disgust, all of my flaws. Muddy-colored hair that’s never defined, Irises lifeless, never do they shine,
A lot of my life has changed this last year, I faced many days of joy and of strife. Yet as time wore on, one truth became clear: Art is what fosters the meaning of life.  
We met under the white gazebo fair, The wind blowing north up the sunlit shore Your eyes, blue ocean and the bright sand, your hair Before me was all I had ever yearned for  
I growl at the inferior reptile With his beautiful bright scales, he taunts me. In a flash, he's gone. I wait there a while. I'm sick of my cave! I need to be freed!
Life can be grand and full of adventure Every stranger is a possible friend You can explore solo or together Make the most of it before it does end
To overcome hate and rage To Train one's mind Is a thing that is possible through self discipline. Through knowledge, power, and perserverance I can overcome any obstacle in my way. Rid myself of the negative
A few years ago, I would not have approached the teachers at school. I would not have asked them, "How are you today?" I would have smiled, looked down, and walked away-
It began with the eagerness of hope, the longing, burning, raging need to reach the unattainable—that gift which I never thought I would call my own. There were scars still, written across my arms like a
My lover and I complete each other,However we are total opposites,Sometimes I feel he might find another,But I must have trust and stay positive.
What are you, but an Itch I cannot reach?A dark poison, flowing so slick, carefreePsychological warfare, please don’t preachBegone!The pain in my neck, leave us be!Little Hippie you, get chained to a tree
Good morning, good day, I am Jordyn Gray, prodigy of Jennifer Gray, Militarily maintained mutt, of Taj Buggage.
“What motivates you?” people always ask. Or, at the least, what gets me out of bed. It seems quite simple, really, at first glance. Except I don't fully see it that way.
I long to be your deity,To stroke your entirety With the palette of my choosing As I cover you in colorAnd give you life.Never mind what I useIt is assured I will always have a use.I love the way you grant me competence,Complete control.I  love th
The butterflies begin to flit and fly. / The dandelions pop up, little poles / of green and yellow, fluffy, light and spry. / The sun begins to burn like blazing coal.
I wake and droop and wake again, for now I must begin again, bleary-eyed and still in dream, from which tis hard to rem'ber how to seize my day and use well my free will.
For it takes the smile from the gayest face It erased the color from the clothes worn Death the competitor, life is the race Pray it does not come knocking at your door Salty rain falls, the dead goes underground
Eyes deny false highs they remain bone dry, Her new outcry a reply to run by, An artist in her eyes heartless no lies, Her veins dry she only wants to say bye, Voice unheard much like a bird in a cage,
You look at me and everything feels right. (How is it that one look can change a life?) Deep in your eyes, I see I sparkling light - A tender glance that takes away my strife.
My brave knight is but a simple peasant. Swift he is not upon the earthen ground. The chambers he keeps aren’t very pleasant. His stomach is more than a little round.
The day we go and find the moon is down,Shall be a day of justice for the earth.We all must burn to find the fired crown.'Cause we're inclined to fight and show our worth.
Oh revered statesman, what is the cost, sir For all of your bombs, for all of your wars Can we set aside money to afford To provide a loving home to foster To shield the innocent from their monster
I feel my toes in the sand and look back I look back at who I was and feel small I was the sand, soft and pliable and weak The waves, they used to push and crash on me They were strong and forceful and full of life
silent breaking, day by day against my will, I run away afraid of those I used to trust one breath away from giving up   Hope seems but a vague memory
I wish to live a life of great success and bright fame. Being the center of attention would be how I get my way. If I were to live a life so great I would feel the least shame.
The cars moving outside campus grounds flow As a web pigment on our own oiled plane. Modern as can be, their boxy shapes go
POeTRY seems to follow a RYTHM, yet may be called a FREE-FLOWING, -FORM STYLE. SYLLABLES must be counted for each line
Begone, cruel Mage! I spit disdain at thee! By Belladonna’s lips thou couldst be kiss’d  Or drown’d beneath the darkest, briny sea  I’d careth not, and thou wouldst not be miss’d 
Why is it that I feel this earthly pull Whenever I draw close enough to you? The warm within your eyes will feed me full. I know that this connection must be true. But gravity, the one force that attracts,
  Fluttering wings splashes light painted amongst cicada hums Thy fingers intertwined in roots Yet drawn to graves of lapsed youth
Raindrops fall quick on the lonely petalsWith the heavens clouded in its dull gloomMeanwhile on the oven, the warm kettlesHelpless to the fearful, coming, dark doomBasking in the colors red and yellow
When it seems that no one is there for me, And when ev’rything appears to go wrong, They always come as the people to be
This Jan’ry first will exit during cheer; Sev’ral hot souls may lead with a new kiss. I sway, they drink champagne but mostly beer, Proposing coming year to be more bliss.
Help I. Can not write a sonnet I don't know if I will make the dead line It's not clever this poem of mine That will not get a good grade I bet Though I will turn it in any way yet 
I see these plastic people, Barbie dolls. With their dream houses and expensive cars. And their plastic friends, at their plastic malls. Getting “white-girl wasted” at plastic bars.
To live, to breath, connect, to see this place Without writing, what would we be? Like a canvas with no paint, space Within this world would seem so lonely.   Would a canvas white be less appealing
It has been said that all you need is love,  but that is not what keeps me hanging on.  They say "Let go, don't worry about what's next,"  but what if happiness is just a lie?  My sanity is hanging by a thread, 
Many times I'm beaten down and hopeless You would know, you've lived through this life, too.   Good friends are Only human beings, but Do you know who I can always trust?
What is this pain, a growling monster deep within? It bites and screams, making my vision spin It yearns the light of day, it longs release The more it fights, the less my stomach feels at ease  
My tongue is stuck in the back of my throat, That is why this piece is being written... I'm throwing my feelings onto this note Hoping to somehow fit all my wit in. The girl I wish for, she is all beauty,
As I write a verse or lyric I think of what comes to my mind Never trying to think to quick Even though the meaning is blind.   Sometimes I write what I'm feeling Making the words come easier.
Like the Astronomer longs for the moon,I can no longer part from thine endowments,This dream infested fool must beseech thee soon, For all we share is but a few moments.Your pull, my love causes these waves crash down,their passionate cry drags me
Currently we have been apart a year This year has gone by so slow to realize That my smile has been a big disguise
Oh the butterflies you’ve felt have not stopped Your heart feels like it was happily shoved You have many feelings to get hold of
A man as vain as thee my love not knows, For such a gent'man gentle knows not of. Whose foulness in precious face lingers not, For thy wick'dness in lying manners hides.  
How can love be sweet like a summer's day, When it will always leave a bitter taste? Capturing and blinding mystified prey, Defeating mesmerised loves in the chase. It smothers the heart in an icy grip,
Don't panic, our blue planet's a wonderful placeDreamers, we live, we fly, we soar, we singUnlike the desolate rest of outer spaceAlthough all curious wonders always bring.
The smile is a lie, a lonely cryMisunderstood perception of the mindThis moonless night no sorrows' death defyBut twisted and undone for fighting blind.
Born out of a sublime environment, a baby finds culture, born in the future. Surrounded by love, virtue, and cosmic dew, yet found dangerous, a space filled with the plausible.
Loving and Nurturing Environment       Loving and Nurturing promised to me, I enter school with open mind. Yet, now I turn to cynical glee,  For here no love I find.  
Earth, the only place that we can call home Everything we have started with a dream we can't even protect it with a dome this isn't a movie, earth doesn't gleam well at least that's how people make it seem
The Betrayal by my heart is so cruel  A twisted map withen my sad lonely soul I fear I will be nothing but a tool But I can never seem to gain control higher and higher my heart still enflates
One day I walked along the beach and found A wounded bird that lay upon the sand. I longed to see its safe return to flight Because I had once felt that pain firsthand.  
I need your love like I need air to breathe, Your smile is the light in my little world. Talking to you is like my therapy, When you hold me close away I am whirled.   I feel I have known you my entire life,
In all the world, in what we hold dearest I cannot seem to say I could live without The air in which I breathe throughout the day Or the ground beneath me which bears my weight
Meaning to my existence flees from me Must I decide from various notions When decisions are my own cup of tea Based on preference, not by promotions
See that girl cry at night, all alone? Liar not you don't. She screamed your name! She hit her head on that sharp peice of stone, you yelled at her! And then said she was lame,
Consider Judas Iscariot, son Of Simon, follower of Christ the Lord. Their souls were knit, and became as if one, His heart's best brother, above all adored.   Consider this; a favor, asked by a friend,
melody so sweet calling me softly like a siren luring to beauty so lightly loveliness yours i long to never part for i fear that would break my gentle heart  
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A million cities burning in my mind Send thick black smoke in pillars to the sky. The earth lets out a deep and mournful sigh, Its children turned so violent, so unkind.
Where the wind blows some will never know Across vast seas and open meadows or someplace where it snows. The power of reading with the skill of learning One of many traits of good discerning.  
With burning lustful desire and the pain of your absence, I bathe this canvas in my love-soaked thoughts Could it be, you were cast out from heavenly clouds for causing envy amongst angels? Oh beautiful heavenly being!
In late August a new school year began, Putting all thoughts of summer out of mind, And though of school I was not a big fan, Sadly I could not to summer rewind. I got off the bus and walked into school,
Prescribed with sentience, a mind is furled. The node, like synapse, encased from Deep Blue, Employs emotion, though no form is curled. On flesh, a chain of plugs will here subdue.
To say I am one thing is too simply lying to myself so dubiously:   I am enthralled by world economics While my wallet is brimming with cobwebs.  
From inside school walls caged, a barrier To separate imagination ‘way From empty colorless surroundings minds. My garden often sprouts red flowers, but
Take this kiss upon the brow! And in parting from you now, Thus must let me avow: You are not wrong, who deem, That my days have been a dream Yet if Hope has flown away In a night, or in a day,
   Born of promise and hope Assurance to save something already dead Brought up as nothing more than a mope Aspirations far beyond the dread Recovering slowly but at a lope
The teardrops of the sky filled the windows As I made the steam of my coffee rise. I pondered all of my life’s loves and lies. These thoughts reminded me of times of discos
The seems of my disguise burst at the seams Of simmering restraint. For, sun-like, beams The shadowed self through artificial means, Resplendent force that must demand be seen. To know myself by peering outside-in
If you and me be anything but we,   Then my heart shall break in catastrophe.   You are my Love, my life, my wife, my One,   I refuse to believe that we are done.
If you find another INTJ
As we drift west 'neath cotton wisps and buttes, Cerulean and pearly white combine To mock at spinach-green and call it mute, And point it to the highway's yellow line.
Happy, are we, the dreaming sons of God, idyllic in Eden we sat and gave to beast and fish and bird the names that they’ve the ground travers’d, in flesh and fur abroad.
The darkened pall of misery has come, The blade of death has fallen once again, Upon the neck of youth and happiness,
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In Bogotá, the first stop on our waywe make inspection of Colomb'n fields.The natives smile, and at our feet they lay
I am a survivor, Never have been taught how to surrender And I don't intend to find out either.
Come live with me and be my wife And pleasures we will share for life. So here I am down on one knee To show how much you mean to me.  
One that is indivisible by all The trials that I seem to struggle with. Thinking on it now; I put up a wall. For some reason I hide behind my wall Keeping personas up to the mirror. 
Why must suffering even exist,That of whih I've been forced to feel?Why must the pain continue to persist?Oh, my soul shall never heal!That night, my friends, it just had to rain
I am told I should see each of my deeds As items to cherish, tokens of pride.
So, I poem about me? Well, Me isn't the me you see. At least on the outside,that is.   Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen something you're not?
To be or not to be? The true question is, who's really me The mind of a kid who has a grasp on life.  That can create visual replications of what is right The past, the future, to him none so real
Identity is naught but illusion. It is fragile and fluid and fleeting. It encompasses a heart’s brief beating, And vastly differs among everyone.   Identity is seen in name and face,
What doth bring us forth from the womb? What doth drive us into the great perhaps? What then to make ourselves a tomb?
As I sit and gaze at the setting sun Many amazing thoughts have crossed my mind But pressing forward strongly is only one Of a girl whose splendor is a rare find   Her eyes are as blue as the rolling sea
A voice so soothing I can just let go, fading away into the long distance. But weariness I do not want to show If I could, I would right in this instance. Drifting along a dark, far away land
(Not Part of the poem, but this poem is from May and is only just being uploaded)
    Yellow star stitched onto small, drab school clothes People branded as voiceless animals; Bitter shepherds turned deaf as screams arose Savage rectitude, a world in shambles…
On airy cliff side sits the falcon’s nest, A perch of splendid vacant seaside view, And in it does my youthful spirit rest, Absorbing breath of air and sky of blue; While body lives the life of down-below,
It felt like I was flying I was FreeI glided across the wind in my DreamThen beyond the clouds birds came in threeThen I woke and had coffee with Cream
If I stay too long alone in my room I start to forget, “why should I even try? I’m never going back outside” I’ll stay right here and let moss grow over me and maybe then ill be important to something living.
Life. was said to be creative and a blessing   but later as you grow, youre told its real messy   Back in the golden years of being a kid    you start growing up saying can i live or live without it
Worn eyes stare gently at my shy privilege  
Oh life! The thoughts you bestow upon many. And enigma you are, and shall remain. Where do you come from and what do you seek? How common but not yet understanding. Are the answers hidden among the stars?
Fried chicken, a food I love in my mouth.
What do you see as awesome, they could ask To many, this quest may be difficult For me, it is a very easy task
What I would do to see you smile again-
This morning I woke up ready to work We all sat down at our sewing machines
Do you remember how we used to play?
Since May ninety-seven she's stood by my side,   As she smiled and kissed and hugged me tight,   And year following year she's been my guide;  
The chosen one I see, his lightning scar Upon the forehead, bravery increased My brother's friend, his parents are deceased. Poor, handsome Harry I see from afar A year behind, I'm still in Gryffindor!
Bring him a tissue, news is hard to bear, O the poor young man! One lost family friend. Heaven took an angel and left a snail, Lovely vocals he sang, and produced more than The slug whose songs haven't yet a name.
Sitting together one by one 
Continue to pierce my soul with your love My love will forever reciprocate My heart endlessly burns and like a dove It flutters therefore I know this is fate You broke into my soul at a young age
The days, they grow so long and bare, to share My e'er so cautious pain and strife, a knife Inside the back of memories long past.   Grey clouds float o'er and I- to show my guilt-
In the still of the night I cannot see,   Low as the moon appears to be sinking Over the tall pine trees and the mountains clear. Vacantly my poor mind avoids thinking,
He stands like power incarnate, as Right. With staff and globe, in light in dark in pride, He wills and I am moved--refracted light Through glass, as if my older self had died.
I've heard it all too many times before how all the world is too dazzling to see -  but if this sparkling wonderland is real where is it coming from - this dis-ease cause
Some times, the chimes I rhyme,That begin ddeep in my minds thought,Get caught up, and jammed in blood clots,Caused by all my suicidal hollow tip shots,That leave collapsed veins, and knots,
No such thing as flawless, perfect, peerless; Only fallen varmints grubbing helpless, Guided by old books to find redemption And some vindication from above.   Perfect spirits all alike and charming,
This is always where the story begin
I sometimes look at the forlorn pale moon.
Not everyone falls in love the same way, nor do they fall in love at the same time. But this is about that one fateful day when something was stolen, though not a crime; my heart, of course, but not by the book. It
Flowers at bloom Water that falls With so much room Nothing is gloom When Paradise calls Smiles Collide Trees stand tall Fun for all Till we cried Bulldozers storm in
Small child, so young, I wished for so much more Than fantasy and play to fill my dreams Those ancient tales of the great myths and lore Of feathered Pegasus by icy streams  
Oh, your white gloves match perfectly with mine. And our same desirable big, round ears, To listen every melodious whine, As nature made us perfect among peers.
When looking into your eyes, wishing I could explain everything you do to me my heart skips just from being side by side
Caught up in a world of appearances
Ordinary. Is what we are without all the excess Is what the world looks like day to day
Under her Maybelline brand eyeliner
To me baseball is more than a game, Day in and day out i spend my constant time. With work and effort I will earn my fame, I feel as though my loss would be a crime. Nothing in life has ever felt so sweet, 
The beauty of the sky, a lake of blue to own a piece of this glory beyond. God's creation gathered round He knows who, on the eve of the beginning he dawned. A forest of majestic green wonder
You can only frame me in a moment,A picutre that leads lies to the future.The time for false perfection came and went,A smiling skull without stable sutures.
Personas vacillate 'tween what is good,
As soon as I step onto pavement at The school I now attend, my smile becomes Affix'd. I must then straighten up my back And shoulders that are hunching down with weight, The pressure facing me-- they say conform
Archaic figures haunt your somnolence,
O, sea-soaked soul that rides the pother pale
Conventions of this wonderland I know
It's not unorthodox by any means
A stone is thick, a mountain ever more,
We are the cultivators Interpreters of dreams
Behind the likes, filters, posts, and hash tags Away from the screen and into the light, There’s a girl who’d never raise her white flag.   She carries her dreams around in a bag,
Poetic thoughts form onto my blank page
Deep into the untamed lands so alive the ancient forest heals a frozen mind.
I watched a bluebird on a window sill She sat there placid, calm, and singing. We shared the morning sun out in the chill, We let its rays shine down on our faces; freezing.  
This poem begins with a man in fifth place, It is on Earth where people run a race. Life is a race that every man will lose,
I am from the unknown, from the sweet nector and the pillow of comfort, i am from sweaty skins all around, (rasping,damp,sun biting my skin) i am from the iris, the oak tree, birds here and there
Observing nature is odd
Observing nature is odd
The storm has arrived. Draw the veil so None can escape. He is here. Escape fate? I will embrace it as it comes. Though no End in sight, I search! A thousand years late. The pieces are all set now. Only one release.
The bombs blasting all on the dreamlike ground Everyone is in hiding from the cold fear The earth shaking by the vibrative pound The chilled screams of loved ones is all I hear.
Today, a girl has sat next to my seat.She we
I close my eyes, the light of day goes dead. The whisp’ring voices prey upon my fear. They tick and click and cry and caw and toil. The daunting men do hiss inside my head,
"Are you seriously going to eat that? You already downed a can of Mountain Dew. Hey, I am only looking out for you. We simply cannot have you getting fat."   " I am feeling shaky and sick.
Nobody knows this one thing about me Right here, I am a cancer survivor No please do not run away and flee
You know my name and claim to know my soul, That wickedness shows plainly in the face, Yet wicked parts do not comprise a whole. There’re secrets hidden in the empty space. Is it indeed the contents of a heart,
I wake up every morning My life kinda boring I had so much I wanted to do And one thing I wanted was loving you But now Im sitting here trying to figure out How to handle not having you as mine
If one word or phrase or sentence I say,  inferno breaks loose - The townspeople flea  from trembles, pulsations, and rifts in the clay.  Magma to lava, from humble to greed.    
'Cause just like the moon and sun
When I was a child I saw with wide eyes- Peering upward, observing in silence And covered my heart with a thick, dark guise A life that consisted of reliance  
Since life is hard, to deal with love I’ve brought A mantra tried and true, and old as dirt: That of waste not, want not; date not, flaunt not; To hide yourself from love protects from hurt  
As I look at them, a prequel unfolds In this aura colorblindness persists But look closer and the lines seem to bold The two identical souls coexist   As time goes on, the story does begin
This beating heart aches with each breath I take, The pain is unbearable to my soul. I am drowning in this fiery lake, And this person I am is far from whole.   Each day, I steal many a glance at you,
My piercing eye grows wide with horrored truth 
The mountains loom above the little town. The sun sets and they cast their shadows down. The climber, still suspended from the rocks, Clips in, makes sure the carabiner locks,  
Just who am I? A silent little girl?
We used to ride buggies pulled by horses, And throne-pots were in outhouses outside. Then second war raged, and Hitler’s forces. Sadly it was vain for Anne Frank to hide.  
Black or White, Asian or Mexican, in the end we are all only human. It's not about the color of the skin, or even the personalities within.  You can't judge a book by cover, 
The retinas target the illusions, 
I stand as the willow weeps soft The lovely keening sound I hate to hear She warms the hills with her boughs of kindness Gracefull she stands, a sight unparalleled A sun glares down with rays of malice
We watch this time go by And maybe we grow All we can do is sigh And say, "Where did the day go?"   The Clock goes tick-tock-tick And it just makes us sick The way it perseveres
The personality     Which lays deep within
Such a substance to tie them together Proposes a thought amid icy frost Such a bond between the three brothers torn Gives wistful embodiment of tears lost One screams ,in silence, the loudest of all
She felt the morning passing by, Sun lifted up in midday-sky. She heard the bluebirds start to sing, Oh what a frail, miraculous thing! Yet all these subtle presents missed,
Yield not sincere vulnerability Like the thorns on a rose doth separate Underneath lies thine past adversity Still the petals will fall for ‘tis their fate And expose the beautiful irony,
There was a girl with beautiful short hair, Blonde as wheat, once so long she chose to share. Pale as parchment with a spread of freckles, She enjoys foods with chocolate speckles.  
Hard work and dedication, Starting with our pure creation. With the tightest motion, Comes time and devotion. People who become a pair, Keep a flyer in the air. Injured or depressed,
Every day I wake not knowing what's ahead Yet I still push forward instead. I, in my dark-skinned power and zeal knows that my enemies and my haters cannot deal, with me as I walk down our white tiled halls.
The vast, the deep, the wondrous, the ocean That lies beyond the borders of the land. Always moving with powerful motion,
Upon the beating of my rebel heart Lies weight so heavy I can hardly breathe I cannot place the feeling, but I know That things are not as brilliant as they seem I know those words should come out of my soul
[A slam sonnet I wrote after being in a difficult time in my life after a lot of introspection of who I am and the way people are.]   Accept 'Except.'    Always are those who don't meet a mirrow,
Mother Earth spreads her children far and wide. Their existence is well-known by but few. My discovery the groom; they the bride.
They think I’m quiet, so they guess I’m shy; Classmates look through me and just stay away. My solemn look tells them to pass me by.
I can see it nowThe huge doors opening my wayMillions of students pacing different directionsGetting to class, with only quick words to say Get to class on time
It happens in a moment--in a rush A flash, a splash of color Washes out the black and white  And all the world is still. In quietness of mind, and voracity of heart A moment in time Is ours
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