Poems about Bullying

We see other people's livesthrough black and white linesto skinnytoo fatyou stinkyou cant
I’m really proud of the person I’m becoming. I’m constantly advocating for my rights!
What the reason of bullying What do people gain in bullying
Schoolyard bullies are easy They can be solved They can be shut up But what about the bully in my brain
Lung cancer ended his life, that's a terrible thing to go through.
This is my gay poem My poem about pride And about finally coming out to my parents after 23 years
(Nobody likes me) " FUCK YOU" "YOU DONT know rap" "pussy" "loser" "go kill yourself"
Don't let a bully do you wrong Stand up for yourself & stay strong Tell them what you need to say
Everyone agrees that war is cruel   Everyone agrees that war is suicidal
Where should I begin? part of me doesn't know if I want to write this beginning to end. Mine as well, no one's going to read it anyways.