Different Perspective

They call you “the bully”,

I call you my friend.

They don't like you for your body,

I love you for your honesty.

They don't see you like I do.

They will never see it

From my point of view

They say “I only do it to protect you”,

But in reality,

They just deflect you.

There is so much 

That they expect of you.

They call you a bad influence.

How could they know,

They're looking too far into it?

How can they see ,

There is so much more to it?

But they refuse to see through it.

How can they? 

If they wont give you a chance.

Going based on what you wore  to the dance.

They don't even wonder

What you enhance

For they won't even  give you a chance.


This poem is about: 
My community



hey, this poem is great. ive been going through some stuff and this hits different

talk sometime?

chandanormousd@tutanota .com




dennison_taylor24@mybps .me

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