always help

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Have you ever needed a friend? Have you ever needed a friend? In a new school... have you ever needed a friend? Her name is Lisa She didn't have to be nice to me She didn't have to give me food
Now it’s 124 lost, no more we can cost. We need to teach the youth about respect, not give them neglect. The fear is rising,  it should be minimizing. The school should teach,
Every day we pass by, All the people we saw cry   But do we think of it? No we just overlook the ones who quit   I sometimes stop what I'm doing, To my dismay I just end up stewing  
One day,An early winter one in particular,I was in a haven for the poor manMany come hereSome that can't afford it's amenities in their own right
     -Don’t speak- Look around. I am a girl who provides for my six siblings I have 2 jobs paying minimum wageBarely brushing by, i don’t get to have much to show off My bully doesn’t know this;My bully picks at my clothes, my hair, my rough finge
Children starving, children dying.   While the world just sits there, thriving.   Living in their own worlds,
One year ago, It was a brand new year. New memories to be made, Two thousand sixteen.   There I was, Watching the sun set,
Another day, another night, what I planned in life is out of sight. I slept in that, walked over that. Found 2 of these, hid them in the trees. Hoping the authority doesn't see.
At this point in my life Nothing seems to make me feel good It’s like I’m the last person In an abandoned neighborhood Friends will come Friends will go But there is one person
We can't change yesterday And we can't change today. We can't go back in time To fix all of our mistakes. We can't take it back. No matter how hard we may try.
Let her eyes scan the fall The wind blowing through her hair She hears it now All the words that were whispered Behind her back Words on how she was wrong How she could never be right
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