Puppy In A Box

Another day, another night,

what I planned in life is out of sight.

I slept in that, walked over that.

Found 2 of these, hid them in the trees.

Hoping the authority doesn't see.

Luxury doesn't exist here outside.

The ungratefulness has left, I've already cried.

No one stopped me from the riskin',

when really it was that I didn't listen.

"No chores, no work," is what I saw.

"No money, no life," was the hidden flaw.

It's not what I think when someone sees me.

How could they not see I need love desperately?

I bleed for momma's hugs.

I heal it with strong drugs.

Which is better? I chose the hugs.

But drugs don't get you momma's hugs.

One last chance to could climb down the rocks.

I just cram my life into a brown flat box.

Homeless, hungry. Please Help. Need money.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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