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Dear Bully, I feel sorry for you you must feel so helpless so alone so hurt that you must hurt others so lost, so confused that you have no other way to act to lash out
I am beaten. I am broken. I am forced into a mold, with no hope of escape. With an iron grip they hold me. My actions, controlled with impatiance and cruelty.   But my mind remains free.
Take the lives , take the lives for what you are
If you arent in a sport, You aren't "popular."   If you don't smoke or drink, You aren't "cool."   If you read away reality, You are a nerd   If you fail a class,
  What I have trouble with constantly Is what I am ashamed of the most People look at me and say that girl is so extraordinary She can be herself without worrying about being ordinary
The Bully I hear their ugly words, echoing in my head. Ugly…Worthless…Nobody… I wish you were dead! Words cut deep, can’t you see?
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