Here. Impress me.
Take your appearance and character
And put it under a stress sheet
It's light enough to ignore
But it keeps away the best heat
It puts up an impenetrable wall
Between where my head and my chest meet.
All the time I'm thinking
What's the way to best beat
This self consciousness we feel
It just seems to oppress me.
But what if I told you
That I'm really not that great
That everything about me
Is the thing that I most hate.
I get wrapped up in myself
And the status of my current state
All the while forgetting
That I don't determine my own fate.
See I don't have the power
To end or create
But I worry and I wonder
And by then it's too late.
See I wanna be impressive
I want people to know my face
When they think of success
I want them to think Sam Chase.
But it's not up to me
What ideas others embrace
No matter how much I try
It's their thoughts and their space.
I can't determine
What they think of my case
All I can change 
Is the way I see my own face.
If I let others determine
The worth I see in myself
I might as well give up
Pack up life. Back on the shelf.
Finding worth in others
Is a sure ticket to hell
Cause I abandon who I am
My thoughts I never tell.
Until I pick up this pen
Let go of my shell
There's not a rope in the world
To pull me back from where I fell
So let's try this.
I'm gonna be someone different
Someone I've not been around you
You're gonna see some new things
My emotions might surprise you
You might think I'm weird
Because of the things that I do
But this is me.
I just never let it shine through.
I have my quirks
That I never show beside you.
Cause I've always been too worried
Too scared I'd be left behind you.
Not anymore.
No today I'm really me
What you get is what you get
What you see is all you'll see
I'm being really honest.
I'm focused on transparency.
I WANT you to see through
See through to how I just
I'm not gonna hold back
I'm just gonna try to be free
So you do the same.
When I say here.
Impress me.
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Our world


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