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This four walls suffocate me While my roof begins to fall For my head is the one who is in charge  Tormenting me with the color of red And why was I born at all
Once upon a time, in a land unlike any other, there was a woman who desperately wished to be a mother.    She hoped to find  a prince someday to give her a child
Once upon a time, in a land unlike any other, there was a woman who desperately wished to be a mother.    She hoped to find  a prince someday to give her a child
Once upon a time, There was a little chicken, Who thought life was sublime, Till with fear he was stricken   He asked his mother, “Where are you going?” “Why are you leaving?”
Her lips are red as blood and her skin is white as snow;      But she’s an adult now, so it’s time she found a beau.      She’s the prettiest girl; that’s why her stepmom was mean;     
Ah yes, the classic fairytale.  Where a young women embarks on a selfish journey for  someone else to save her, her prince to kiss her  her hero to slay the dragon.   
Once Upon A Time… There was a princess who thought she had found her happily ever after, But she was wrong.
There once was a little pig town The houses were all brick brown The wolf tried to blow But thankfully no One could knock those bricks down
There was a small fellow Who was quite mellow And loved his Granny so much He had long locks That others would mock And that made him feel quite low His Granny was all he had
I have always felt the urge to squish sand between my toes.  Then again, I have always felt I should  have toes. Seeing her made this a  necessity.  Of course I couldn't
With the slightest stroke of serendipity, My passage to a happy ending was Opened. And yet we started as The most improbable pair.   Everyday. Day and Night. Trying to reach my dream,
They're what all little girls aspire to be; a princess Dressed and clothed with dignity At the end finally getting a man Yet at last living happily ever after again   Once upon a time is such a tragedy 
Once upon a time I was living in fear, All alone, not one prince was near. I went on an adventure and met a male, He was a prince, and that's my fairytale.
Once upon a time, Due to psychedelic drugs Alice can't stand up.
  I do not want to live solely on land. I do not want to lure in men. I don’t want to kill just because I sing. I don’t want a man just to get a ring.
The Huntswoman   Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who’s the fairest of them all Holding beauty in your hand Who’s the fairest in the land  
Cinderella stares at the New York skyline, brown skin washed in sunset hues. Hidden in the clouds is a freedom pact separated by the apartment window she gazes through.  
Since when did Princess mean damsel in distress?   Since when did beauty become our strict standard?   Since when did worth correlate to marriage?   I am intelligent 
Once Upon a Time In a land, not so far away A young wolf, was held, being blamed for a crime But no one, had known he was a prince, transformed by the fay His task was to search for the girl who borne red
We thought you'd do your part from the very start and provide for us like a small marketer running his cart. But no. You couldn't handle the prod, the pinch, the feuding.
Once upon a time A young girl so benign Confronted by the curse Touched, pricked, and tumbled Fallen by the spindle.      Oh the unlucky one Rembered for her collapse
Once upon a time, In a land obviously far, far away, There was another princess crying, because her mom was taken away.   I mean come on Disney,
The boy who never grew old The pirate who always gave chase But the real story was never told   Peter had stolen his daughter The man was stricken with grief The boy he swore to slaughter  
Once upon a time...there were three bears. Yeah, I bet you think you know where I'm headed with this story. I can assure you, it's not what you think.
If Rapunzel used Cantu her hair would smell like mine coconut oil shea butter olive oil. 3b hair flowing down to her toes. If Cinderella had locs
Once upon a time there was a prince,  Ever dwelling amidst despondency and rage, Those breeding his soul for persecution, and since It dug its way into his chest, against his heart war will wage.   
Once Upon A Time, She heard the clock chime, Only to tell her the magic was leaving, But she didn't care for she was believing She would see him again. That blue dress and perfect hair,
I met her in a dream Crazy as it seems She laughed like I did And I found that funny
Once upon a time Innocence existed Love caused clarity Kindness was a personal trait Magic fulflled our everyday desires And knights in shining armor slayed dragons
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