This Four Walls & Her

This four walls suffocate me

While my roof begins to fall

For my head is the one who is in charge 

Tormenting me with the color of red

And why was I born at all

The bruises on my legs are now my artwork 

Each hold a story of my world all along

And i've even painted the walls

The splashes match the crimson rose

Surrounded by broken glass

For when her voice beacon me 

My world begins to fall apart

I wish I could find a way to escape 

But maybe there's no hope at all

My life was traded 

Because my birth giver needed her leaves 

Now I sing the same old song 

Of all that's wrong with me 

My hair is too long 

And I'm broken inside 

My labels are countless 

But my name is unknown

Yet my labels are yelled 

Their as countless as the stars 

My Phone is cracked

Just like your perception of me

You see the smile well that's

Part of my master piece

You won't know my disguise

until I'm set free

But I can promise you i’ve tried

to escape from these hunger games

The lanterns burned in my heart 

But the fire died down on my eyes 

All the lies in my time

There's no escape from here

Like no exit route for my mind

It goes on for hours 

Yet no place to hide 

No voice and out of my mind

I cling to my life 

As the raindrops fall out of the grey clouds

Once called my eyes 

And if I escape it’s just worse outside 

I’m no longer that lil girl with love in her eyes

My vision is distorted broken to shards

My voice was taken 

And everyone who overcomes me like a wave

Just thinks it's a game

This was my destiny from the start

My crown taken and my whole life

Because how can one person have no heart

She called me Punzie

And made me wear purple

The same color of my bruises 

Through each song

My name is Rapunzel

The princess who never had a chance to hide


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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