Watch Out Sweetie, There's a Wizard in the Woods

Once upon a time,

In a land obviously far, far away,

There was another princess crying,

because her mom was taken away.


I mean come on Disney,

Don’t do it again,

Why does the Princess’s mom die,

And we never see her again?!


And then it goes on,

We see her get married

To a handsome prince,

A knight in shining armour,

A man that, without him, saves her from the utter demise of her womanhood.


Without him, she would be dead,

This silly dragon situation she got herself into,

It’s a wonder she’s still walking around with a head.


At this moment, right now, I’m ignoring the fact

That all these men are white, blue eyes, chiseled jaws,

And, as always, make women’s knees sway and fall.


But going back to the fact that when I was little,

I would look at my mother, wondering,

When is it her turn to die, so I can grow up,

Get rescued by my dream guy?


My life before him was entirely pointless,

I’m weak, not strong, can’t fight for myself,

What’s the Bill of Rights, Constitution, no need to educate one self.


I need his sword, man-splaining, his honest voice,

To tell me I’m wrong, he’s right,

My life for then on out is entirely his choice.


Disney, what’s up?

Did you have mommy issues?

Did you hate women so much you killed them before the story?


This “Once Upon a Time”, so 19th century,

A time of silence,

Its influence now would continue its journey.


The young girls in our world learn stories about how their lives would not be completed

If it weren’t for a prince

But believe me, sweetie, the princes out here,

Won’t save you, oh no, from their own caused tears.


Watch out sweetie, there’s a wizard in the woods,

Ready to cast a spell,

In the middle of the night,

Give a potion at the club,

Cause you an awful fright.


The princes, kings, warlocks out here,

Did not learn, oh no, that their story started there,

When your mommy died, your father cried,

And you were trapped in the tower,

Of anti-feminist power.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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