always have hope

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Remember to feel  in that vacant heart Remember to see
As the day starts with a frown, I hide from everyone to cover my reality. More issues arise to get me down, But I can't let them take a toll on me. Happiness and enjoyment starts becoming annoying,
Meeting new people makes me anxious. My hands fidget, My eyes sweat. Wait switch that around! My thoughts aren’t straight, Neither is my back. My thoughts aren’t straight. I already said that…
I hope with all my heart, everyday towards my new start.  I have been sad for way too long and I always feel like I am wrong.  I've gained and lost so much hope and my neck seems tied with a rope.  I will not be better for far too long but it does
Hope, Hope that maybe one day we will all get justice. Hope that there will be no fears left. No sins to be redeemed for, No lovers to be forgotten. No children to be lost. No men in prison.
As long as there's hope, the smallest boy still gets up after a fall.   As long as there's hope, the weakest patient still walks after an operation.   As long as there's hope, 
What I need will come They will save me tommorow I will be ok.
All alone on an island always asked what would I take But now, I'm asked the one thing I can't live without, what would keep me awake All those nights far from home, Not knowing where to go, feeling so low,
That smile that lit up the roomm Those eyes that were, oh so beautiful That personality that no one could stay mad at   You changed lives Set new trends Gave a new meaning to life  
”I’m done!” She shouted with joy
I do not need your book definitions Or words that lack emotions To explain who I am or what I feel. There is no one clear picture of me, Michelangelo could do his best to paint my soul
Life isn't about your highs and lows Its about wether you can catch what it throws Its dim at times, then it glows  You attempt to hide life's defeats but it shows Looking at your frown, everybody clearly knows
Look around you. “What do you see that could possibly be good?”   In the police brutality We see the degradation of morality.
What if the rainbow you searched for as a kid had that pot of gold at the end? What if everything you went through all the hard times and failure had a reason behind them?
What kind of inhumane fellow i do not know: But bunch of rebel clothes with guns and armors with all their faces covers in cloth mask; except the arbitrariness of the king of the rebels:
Hello, how have you been? It's been so long since we've talked. I miss your voice, I miss your laugh. It has slowly become a stranger to me. But never will it disappear, it's like a tattoo.
They say I'm crazy, I'm all alone But thats not true, they just don't know That while they party, drink and dope I think of my future with excess hope Where I can travel, near and far
I remember those days of sitting in the park writing down my cheesy love songs.Seeing creative minds stroll by,in fact once this mind read over my shoulder and saw my lyrics.
I walked in the room nervous and dazed To find him staring at me awed and amazed Eyes black as night, skin white as snow Who was this boy? I had to know.   His innocent eyes tell stories
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