"I'm done"

”I’m done!”

She shouted with joy

The little one cracked a grin, with eyes alight, as she admired her display of pinks

A thin piece of paper with swirls and doodles created by her

Gazing down upon it with pride, with delight, with glee

Vigorously, she ran to a familiar room filled with smoke and perfume covers

She found two giants facing each other, with looks of murder


“I’m done!”

She shouted with force

The little one froze in the room of red and brown, for that voice had not been hers

The room thundered with the female giant’s voice, the male’s eyes blazing heat into the floor

With rage, with fury, with fire, the giants suddenly looked down

The little one ran away to her paper of pinks and tore

With eyes wet and throat sore, she placed the ripped swirls at the giants’ door


“I’m done!”

She shouted with pain

The little one’s mouth curved downward, staring at the green and grey ahead

Wind coaxing her hair from her shoulders and gravel biting into her skin

With desperation, with dejection, with… hurt, she looked up

Her head ran upward to the heavens, her eyes were pinned

Towards the pinkest of skies, with swirls and doodles of white within

This poem is about: 
Our world


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