opening up

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you did nothing wrong, you’re a good person but you’re hurt, and i figured that out by myself i know you’re afraid to open up i know you’re afraid to let down your walls and let someone in
I've seen things I never meant to see And dreamed of places I'll never go With you   Well, maybe you're just an archetype But not the soul sent to save mine From you  
  This light has never wanted you more, But you won’t come and sit with me, You play with pill capsules Under your tongue, Teasing flat tastebuds, Dead ideas and dreams, X
Please don’t look   Don’t look Because I don’t know if I can say this if you do   Turn your back and listen But listen to me
In all honesty.I think what I truly desired was to be put on a plate.And be devoured piece by piece.My attention, all my free time.Everything that no one else could see.With knife and fork.
What your future holds Is truly brilliant love Believe in yourself
Why do they ignore me? No acceptance given. How do I stop the squandered days, days of regret ...The ones that are close? Why don’t they see?
His eyes look so deep into mine that I don't dare look too long I'm intrigued yet scared that if I look in and try to understand he will surely reach in and grasp my innermost.
I want to let you in Even though I don't I want to open up Even though I'm closed I want to pour it out Even though I'm dry I want to show you it all Even though I'll cry
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