I Wait for Open Arms

Sun, 10/30/2016 - 01:59 -- HollyL

Why do they ignore me?

No acceptance given.

How do I stop the squandered days, days of regret

...The ones that are close?

Why don’t they see?

Why don’t they feel?

A new one came to me,

Why don’t they understand?

Screaming, Crying, Laughing,

Numb, Guilty, Relieved, Sick.


Don’t they understand the meaning I give?

Don’t they see my intrigue?

Another, more and more and

Oh so many! Too many.


They all  curse me.

Open armed, foreign to me.

No regrets, no wishes, no lasts.This one is different.

Smile, sigh, peace.

Oh tiny pinprick of hope;

Surrounded, choked at my hands.



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