Against Child Abuse

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you follow me around,  you call me a freak you pull on my backpack and make me feel weak   you're mean and you're hurtful, words harder than stones i'm terrified of you
Your home is silent, full of peace. Just you and your thoughts. Just you. As you open the door, there are so many things going on. Screaming. Crying. Forest fires.
  Let me tell you the story Of a myth not known for glory,  Of an idea that has been forgotten And replaced with something rotten.  
Thrown out of my own home Out into the cold So young, yet so old   Wisdom doesn’t make you stronger Holding back tears doesn’t make things better All I wanted is to live peacefully together  
Dear (ex)stepdad, Forgiveness is suppossed to be a powerful weapon.A weapon to use for healing, for moving forward, and for forgetting But what if I can't forgive? What if I can't forget?
Once upon a time there was a young man He lived with his wife, daughter, and son He never cared about family or love He only listened to his children's screams As his wife once again hit them with force
White male, 14, controlled by my father. Forced to play sports, when my heart isn't in it. I can't see my friends. I can't see my Mom. I have nobody. I am a worthless piece of shit, he says.
Dear Dad,   I am not emotionally charged right now, so I figure it would be a good time to start this.
I am an artist, Painting smiles on other people's faces. I am a comedian, Cheering up those having a bad day. I am a ball of pent up energy, Making memories with those who may not have the best ones.
You dont understand And i cant stand It anymore He throws me to the floor You dont care You stand and stare But what does it hurt You didnt give me birth Im not your daughter
Scared and hurt, feeling like that vulnerable girl
On a lazy summer afternoon - in the year of 79       
Ripped but not running
You tried to touch me You made me scream So I told my mom She said that I was wrong My world crashed From what you smashed You took my pride, All those years I lied To myself
Stay Strong my love, when all goes wrong continue to move along. It may hurt now but it won't forever. What he did to you was wrong...
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