small town

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My momma always did say those bradford pears, Smelled like the dead, Somethin’ ‘bout a southern curse.   Ain’t nothin’ lonelier bein’ inside these pine walls,
The gate creaks in the early morning and the late evening, though I’ve never seen it  close My town's biggest cemetery is home to the remembered, the forgotten, and the lost The flags ripple in the wind
My life finally at full-volume The city echoing back the bright flicker beats of a genuine smile I shed excess layers like a spring sweater
Oh how I love this small town of ours I learn another chapter of someone’s story whenever I stop to say hello This is where I first paused to smell the flowers  I walk by the widower’s house and wave through the window
She was 30 and wore her hair in a plain ponytail and she taught science at the only high school in this tiny town. She didn't even live here; rather, she lived in a tinier,
  I was raised in a town where everyone was the same shade of unaccepting and indifferent. Every person was the same wash of “keep quiet”, “don’t talk back”, and “you’ll never make it”.
You will never know the feeling of freedom that surges down my spine, The shiver that cascades through my veins, As we race against time to make memories.  
P-O-U-... I spell out my town's name, so familiar on my lips. The rose hips I keep forgetting to make tea with, the pitch of pines and gossipping voices. Wind behind your back, whispering when your head's turned.
the girls are going missing.  i hear voices in convenience store buzz and see a crime scene in the cherry pie on an empty shelf. eastern hum; the sound of 
I grew up thinking  this is how I have to be  look like everyone else act the same way   we're in the middle of nowhere I could never understand how someone could settle here 
people with depression aren't lazy people with anxiety aren't rude people with mental illness aren't crazy people with suicidal thoughts are boo'd it's like i can't get through with a fucker like you!
They whistled from the backyard until us little ones Came trouncing through the woods Covered in sap and ticks, scrapes and red cheeks. We rolled down the big hill at top speeds Just to feel our ears pop,
I am from sweat and hard work,   from the searing heat of summer and the freezing chill of winter. I am from the horse kicked dirt, and the cattle-branded smoke blowing in the wind.  
In this little town it's not celebrated but being different is the best thing you can be. If you'd go to this school you'd see a bunch of the same. Who wants to be a clone? I was bullied for being different here
How many can actually commit their lives to small town kids? Give us time to forget our, Differences! No time for prejudices when we, Fly! Throw your hands up, Rock on!
To get far away Till I can't even see home Alone on my own This place is to small Suffocating me slowly My dreams are bigger Something is out there Endless opportunities Why can't I just go
Bubbles flutter to surface searching free Attempting to find their home above tide But try not to leave comrades back at sea
This is my town. Our town where she ran me ragged. She was always running. Running around in circles in two bit town. Never getting anywhere. Because the end felt a lot like the beginning.
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