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I feel like I always need to prove. impress. Which makes me feel consumed with stress.  Everyday its school. Then rest.  When can I break loose. and test Boundaries. limits ment for me to break. 
I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About what I want with my life. What ending. About myself as an older woman. Scared of my own reflection.
Remember when I made her smile? Lips parted like you haven’t seen for some time. Those thoughts The ones that plagued her mind.   Those that caused her to pick up the yellow bottle. Empty it.
Grief is a war.
To have a forgotten dream, it's like to have forgotten your way,
Yes I did it, now it's time to go and get my recognition, 
Dear, (Fill In the Blank), I decided the “check the box that applies to you” on the form, was not for me. So I’m writing over the boxes. I filled out my address, my name, typed in the codes,
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