Wonderful Dreams


To have a forgotten dream,

it's like to have forgotten your way,

the path to a destiny that will make you happy and wondering like Marvin gay,

more like Stevie wonder, the light is better then a sun rather than the thunder,

looking back to see how we first met, I was dreaming about you and didn't think It would come true,

my screen looked better the front not the review, reaching to grab you in the stars,

but went for the moon, cause a smile that bright had to be treated with full respect,

the things a dream could bring aren't always the things we expect,

but I got so much more than a bowl full of happieness, not regrets,

I got to dream a dream that became reality, a last dream that god had blessed me with that I've held on to since it meant a lot to me,

I pray you have a blessed week and a wonderful morning,

A dream that was huge and had wonderful written on it, something worth holding on to because you are a wonderful woman.


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