screaming burden


Its peace and quiet finally!
But silence would be the death
Of me
Screaming all inside of me, only
My face can see the cry I feel
And laughter is only a morphine 
Here today gone tomorrow 
Heal my pain and take my sorrow
And so you say forget ‘bout tomorrow!
Today brings me joy and hurt, and thoughts
Down me like a good dessert.
Good for the moment but then I’m bloated
With guilt, regret, anguish and yearning,
Constantly washing the longing for loving.
Freedom is mine that is all in my head, my liberty was
Taken when I got in that bed.
A pool of blood no longer bleeds red, but blue
I am bruised! Where was your healing hand then?
Now you can see my wombs but don’t show your
Face I’m not worthy of your grace. 
Rather lie dead to avoid the pain, so you think I’m
Crazy wait ‘til it becomes your day.
The sun isn’t going to rise all day, you’ll find your 
Predator waiting to prey, as soon as the tears fall
Your day will awake and then you’ll see life isn’t a game.


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