Prove it


Yes I did it, now it's time to go and get my recognition, 

walking down that path and I feel my ambition,

hopefully when I talk to this man he'll see that I did it,

He'll really sit down and he'll take a listen,

what do you do when you walk up to a man thats suppose to be your father and admit it?

admit that you made it,

you graduated,

he turns around look you right in your eyes,

right then and there you notice everything he's ever told you was lie,


all he was talking about was hopes and dreams that you will never make it,

the things he wanted but could never take it,

goals and dreams that would never last,

part time father full time ass, he musta been bumpin Beanie Sigel,

murder was his name cause he was evil,

he took my innocence and shattered my soul, he took a part of me,

for that I will never be whole, it wouldn't matter if I was facing the judge or going to college,

even if I was gaining the understanding it was all common knowledge,

as to why he was the way he was, he pushed me out of my comfort and force me to grow,

a 15 year old with a 30 year old soul, I was so young but act so old,

growing up I didn't think that I would make it this far, I told him I did it, I made it,

I'm looking up at my diploma and all im seeing is shock,

I never thought this would happen I thought I would die on my block,

I ran the show cause I wanted to go out like Pac,

for some reason those people thought I didn't know,

when really they don't know, what's going on in my life I graduated April 11 2014 yeah that was nice,

I put up one hell of a fight, I got accepted to college the problem child finally doing something right,

but for some reason he's still not proud, and when I ask him why he won't say it out loud,

even when I tell him that I did it all for us, I did it for the family, I did it just because, 

but realizing that's not the case, he struggled to be my father for 20 years since I was made,

missed all my graduations and still manage to stay sane,

but I'll make it to the top someday I wont do it for the fame,

ima do it for success, I'll still come back to see him, I won't let him feel regret,

ima make it up there because before my mother passed off cancer we made a bet,

I told her when I turn 18 and I'm in college I'll buy her a house,

even though she's gone I'm still gonna buy her that house, 

I'll just give it to my witness,  my aunt was like my mother she was there when we made it,

she fit the description, mentally and emotionally he wasn't there,

for a very long time he didn't care, he said he did but I didn't see it where?

Cause all I see is a ghost that is physically there, and financially useless,

I've been grinding to make this money just cause he was useless,

he cares about him self and him self and I can't do this,

ima make it out one way or another,

im definitely determined to prove this. 

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