america the beautiful

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O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain   The chorus rings in my living room as we sing, My father clumsily playing the piano And my brother and I singing off-key.
France hates us. The world laughs at us. We are slobs.   We are free. We are generous. We are beautiful.  
A walk through Washington D.C. would be incomplete Without a stop at a trickling fountain - The object of a thousand dreams And pennies flicked up high, Like the work of our forefathers
Broad stripes, what our soldiers bleed. Bright stars, what our children see.   The youth watch fiction and fantasy,
Roaring through the Purple Mountains Majesty Comes a thunder deeper than any ocean And from across the golden fields and valleys Comes a great people in motion
Dear America, My place of rest... Listen to the things That make you the best.   The laws that you're built on, The values they reflect Are still somewhere here In the hearts we elect.
(inspired by "America the Beautiful". Some lyrics used)   O beautiful America: your amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties have turned to gray. You crowned thy good with brotherhood,
My Mind; My only mind; The one I hold dear; So dear; Without such; My opinions would be non-existent; My thoughts would be nothing; Nothing for I; Nothing for anyone;
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